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06/10/2021 | News release | Distributed by Public on 06/10/2021 01:13

The crews of the Il-38N aircraft of the naval aviation of the Pacific Fleet worked out the search for a submarine of a mock enemy in difficult weather conditions in Kamchatka

10.06.2021 (08:00)

In Kamchatka, pilots of naval aviation of the Pacific Fleet (PF) continue to improve the skills of piloting aircraft in difficult weather conditions that are typical for the region at this time of year.

Over the waters of the Avacha Bay, a planned training of the crews of IL-38N anti-submarine aircraft on the search, classification and tracking of submarines of the mock enemy was conducted. The anti-submarine forces conducted training on the complex use of radar and drop sonar detection equipment with the setting of buoys, receiving and analyzing the information obtained with their help. In low cloud conditions, the crews practiced takeoff from the airfield, performed flights over the sea, piloting by instruments, as well as going to the second round and landing on a shortened runway distance.

In total, according to the training plans, several Il-38N anti-submarine aircraft of the naval aviation of the Pacific Fleet operated.