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09/28/2023 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 09/28/2023 08:50

A MAGA-Manufactured Shutdown Will Hurt the Middle Class, Nation’s Economy

The country is mere days from a GOP-manufactured government shutdown, and House Republicans have all but abandoned any hope of averting one to pursue their extreme agenda that attacks the middle class. Their failure comes after weeks of chaos, in-fighting, and dysfunction.

This GOP-manufactured shutdown hurts working families across the country, massively impacting:

  • Homebuyers - over 2,500 federally backed home loans may be delayed every day a shutdown goes on.

  • Small business owners attempting to apply for federal loans to keep their businesses going.

  • Federal efforts to combat the opioid epidemic and fight dangerous fentanyl trafficking, directly impeding law enforcement's ability to stop the deadly flow of fentanyl across our Southern Border.

  • FEMA's ability to review and approve applications for aid after a major disaster - including applications for individual assistance - during hurricane season and an unprecedented wildfire season would be severely restricted and delayed.

  • Essential workers - like firefighters, law enforcement officers, and members of the armed forces - would be forced to put their lives on the line without any pay.

DCCC Spokesperson Viet Shelton:
"Instead of trying to avert a government shutdown, House Republicans are cheering it on. No matter how much they say otherwise, their shutdown will harm families, small businesses, and our economy - and we'll make it clear to the American public who's to blame for all the chaos and dysfunction."