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02/25/2022 | Press release | Archived content

TikTok Creator Spotlight: @kurtious

We recently announced our landmark four-year partnership with Six Nations Rugby. TikTok will become the first ever Title Partner of the Women's Six Nations, and we'll also be an Official Partner to the Guinness Six Nations and Autumn Nations Series. This is a seminal moment for the Women's game, with the Championship set to be known as the TikTok Women's Six Nations. The investment from TikTok will be felt by each Union and we are incredibly honoured to be working together to promote the players, teams, and Unions within the sport.

So for this week's Creator Spotlight, we are highlighting one of the coolest rugby creators and players on our page, @Kurtious! Kurt's smile is the most infectious thing on our app, with absolute good vibes whenever he's on your FYP, whether it's cooking sushi or preparing to attend a game.

Kurt is a keen Scottish ambassador, encouraging us to explore Scotland and showing us his best dance steps in a kilt. His epic routines to Beyonce and Adele exudes good vibes, and has definitely shown us that he's just as talented off the rugby pitch as he is on.

When he's not encouraging everyone to live their best lives or teaching us about Manglish, he's incredibly relatable, showing us that spring cleaning is more than a day's job and sharing the love of indomie.

With his community of 414.5k followers (and growing!), Kurt shows that it's only up from here and we're so here for it! We sat him down to chat about his favourite rugby content on TikTok and his predictions for the Six Nations...

Were you excited when you heard TikTok would be sponsoring the Six Nations this year?

Absolutely! I spend quite a lot of time watching and creating content on TikTok so I was very excited for more rugby content to show up.

What does this mean for rugby?

TikTok's sponsorship will no doubt see a growth in participation of the sport beyond the 'big screen' from a more diverse audience, especially since it's also the first time in history where the TikTok Women's Six Nations will have a Title Sponsor. I play for an LGBTQ+ focused rugby team and it's amazing to see the effort that is going into promoting inclusivity within the sport!

What do you love most about sharing rugby content on TikTok?

Having only started learning to play rugby a few months ago with the Glasgow Raptors in Scotland, I love sharing my rugby journey with people who may be thinking it might be too late to start if they haven't been playing it from a young age. I was 28 years old when I first picked up a rugby ball and it was the best decision of my life. I get plenty of messages from my followers telling me that they have taken up rugby as a sport because of my videos showing how fun rugby can be. It's very humbling and it fuels me to create more rugby content!

What first inspired you to create on TikTok?

When I moved to Scotland in March 2020 during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, TikTok allowed me to connect virtually with local people who taught me everything I needed to know to immerse myself in Scottish culture. My content revolved around trying new Scottish food (haggis, pizza crunch), drinks (Irn-Bru, whisky), travelling around Scotland visiting local attractions and now rugby!

Why is TikTok great for sports fans?

TikTok is such an immersive platform that allows sports fans to connect in more ways than one with the teams that they support. For example, I personally love how Scottish Rugby posts regular content from practices, matches and also do pre-game TikTok Lives from inside the stadium. There's also plenty of Q&A opportunities on TikTok for fans to ask direct questions which are answered by their favourite players. Sports fans will also be delighted with more 'behind the scenes' experiences from the players themselves which will help keep up engagement even during the off season.

What is your favourite recent challenge or trend on TikTok?

My favourite recent challenge has got to be 'auditioning' to be Adele's back up dancer after someone did a mash up of Water Under the Bridge with Megan Thee Stallion's dance moves - it's such a feel-good song/dance! I even did it in my kilt.

What is your goal (try!) on TikTok?

My goal on TikTok is just to keep inspiring people to put themselves out there and to try new things - be it a new sport, getting out of the house to travel more or to meet new people!

What else or who else is on your TikTok For You feed?

At the moment, my For You feed is dominated by members of the Scottish Women's Rugby team who are currently out in Dubai preparing for their Final Qualification Tournament taking place on Friday 25 February to try and qualify for the Rugby World Cup 2021. It's great seeing them having fun and dancing on TikTok since a few of them (e.g. @rhonaandthewhales, @loulamcm, @chloerollie6) have joined the platform!

What is your favourite TikTok you have made to date and why?

My favourite TikTok to date is around visiting Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh to watch Scotland play against England in the Six Nations this year! This video perfectly sums up all my emotions and excitement from attending my first ever rugby match in Scotland.

Finally . . . Who do you think will be crowned the Six Nations champions?!

I may be slightly biased but Scotland are definitely in for a chance to be crowned Six Nations champions!

New to TikTok and keen to keep up to date with the 6Nations? Getting involved couldn't be easier, simply download the app for free via the Apple App Store, Google Play or Amazon.