City of Morro Bay, CA

01/20/2023 | News release | Distributed by Public on 01/20/2023 17:32

City of Morro Bay Road Repair Project Starts January 23, 2023

  • Main Street (Piney Way to Marina)
    • January 23 - January 25 (approximately)
  • Pacific Street (Piney Way to Embarcadero)
    • January 24 - January 26 (approximately)
  • Harbor Street (Morro Bay Boulevard to Embarcadero)
    • January 25 - January 29 (approximately)
  • Beach Street (Main Street to Embarcadero)
  • Coral Avenue (Indigo Circle to Emerald Circle)
  • San Jacinto at Main Street Intersection
  • South Bay Boulevard (Quintana to City Limits south of Quarry Trail Parking Area)

The work includes removal ("digout") of failed, localized pavement areas and replacement with asphalt materials in roadways. The scope of this project is not to "repave" the entire road from edge to edge; only remove and replace structurally failed areas of asphalt. The work will also include traffic control, sweeping, removal and reinstallation of traffic striping and pavement markings, and public notifications where street parking and access to driveways are impacted. The City has contracted with Papich Construction Company of Arroyo Grande, CA to perform the $1.3 million project. Approximately 120,000 square feet of pavement area will be replaced covering about 6.5 centerline miles of streets.

Failed pavement areas will be milled out and filled in during the same shift of work, however the areas that are milled may not be open to traffic until asphalt has been placed and filled back in. The road is opened to traffic soon after compaction of the asphalt is complete. The contractor will post construction notices on residents' doors and along streets with the dates and times when parking and access to streets will be prohibited.

City staff encourages drivers to obey all temporary construction signs and directions given from flagging and other construction personnel and reduce driving speeds in construction areas. Driving in the closed areas before the contractor opens the roadway to traffic can result in damage to the asphalt as well as substantial damage to a vehicle. The driving public may experience delays during construction. It is recommended to use alternate routes whenever possible to avoid delays and minimize the inconveniences to motorists.

Updates on the dates of the work being performed will be posted on the City's website at: be directed to the Department of Public Works, Engineering Division at 805-772-6569.

Department: Public Works/Engineering

Contact Person: Eric Riddiough, City Engineer

Telephone Number: (805) 772-6569

E-mail Address: [email protected]