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Career opportunities for young people with one of the region’s leading IT outsourcing companies

Chris Upcraft , Jacke O'Sullivan & Kain Cator

GRIMSBY headquartered technology outsourcing company, LCS Group are once again on the lookout for local young talent to join its IT Academy leading to a full-time career with the rapidly growing business.

The 24-month program boasts a host of benefits over further education. IT Academy students not only work towards highly sought-after NVQ Level 4 Network Engineer and Microsoft qualifications, but they get hands-on with real customers and their IT platforms which is a far more engaging way to learn.

Supported throughout the entire program by world-class engineers, consultants, and security specialists the program offers a real alternative to University with the added bonus of a salary from the get-go avoiding the burden of student loans.

Glenn Thow, CEO said 'We are committed to fuelling our growth ambitions and continued success by engaging young people from the local pool of talent, training and supporting them to become the very fabric of our future success'

Jake O'Sullivan, former Franklin College IT student and now a fully qualified IT Technician after completing his training program with the LCS Academy said, 'I was never sold on the idea of university where I would be left with debt and no guaranteed job after years of education. I discovered the LCS IT Academy who have provided an effective training program in my hometown where I have been able to learn by working alongside world class IT engineers.'

He continued by saying, 'I am enjoying the ability to work independently with customers, implementing exciting solutions for them and making a positive difference to their businesses in very difficult and challenging times.'

LCS Group support a vast range of customers from small businesses to large scale corporates, from food processing and engineering to renewable energy companies. As a result, the lucky candidates will be exposed to the most cutting-edge technology from a host of industry sectors. This varied experience will ultimately help them choose their future areas of specialisation, as LCS are passionate about guiding each individual staff member down their own preferred path for optimum job satisfaction.

It's not just the work itself that you'll find rewarding though, after speaking to Kain Cator a former Grimsby Institute student who has also completed the program and secured a full-time position with the business, he said, 'I have been mentored by some of the most technically proficient engineers in the country which has accelerated my knowledge more than I ever expected. The atmosphere in the company is so calm and positive, it is a quality place to work & has giving me a great head start into my career.'

The IT industry is expanding rapidly, and technology has never been more relied upon. Are you looking to learn real-world skills in a business environment, getting hands on with state-of-the-art technology? A career with the LCS IT Academy may be perfect for you.

For further information on the LCS IT Academy and how to apply, visit

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