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09/15/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 09/15/2021 11:54

Deepening Our Commitment to Standards

Our mission at The Times is to seek the truth and to help people understand the world. This goal informs all our work, from our rigorous reporting and ethical standards to how we display and promote our coverage on all our platforms.

Today, we are excited to introduce a team that will take on the challenge of developing innovative ways of deepening our audience's trust in our mission and in the credibility of our journalism, no matter where it is encountered.

The team will span across the company, with colleagues from the newsroom, product, design, marketing and communications, research and other departments.

The team will collaborate closely with the newsroom's Standards department under Phil Corbett and Susan Wessling, and represents an important step forward in our commitment to expanding the scope and breadth of our Standards operation.

This cross-functional initiative will help the company's leadership establish a vision for how The Times's report can continue to evolve to convey our values. That includes highlighting our independent, original reporting from around the world, the deep expertise of our journalists and the measures that we take to ensure accuracy.

Much of this work already occurs naturally as we pursue journalistic excellence on a daily basis - in the coverage decisions we make, as well as in our choices in sourcing, reporting, writing, editing, visuals, framing, product experience and so much more.

Still, the team will explore what more we can do to help highlight our values through the story forms we use, the features we build in our products, and the ways that we talk about our journalism as it travels around the internet.

Three journalists from the newsroom will help to anchor the team.