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In Celebration of National English Muffin Day, Award-Winning Chef Curtis Stone Talks Breakfast with Wolferman’s Bakery

Apr 14, 2021

Wolferman's Bakery®has teamed up with award-winning chef and restaurateur Curtis Stoneto release three new and exclusive recipesin celebration of National English Muffin Day on Friday, April 23.

These unique and tasty creations give breakfastlovers and foodies alike new ways to enjoy Wolferman's Bakery iconic English muffinsfor this gourmet holiday and beyond. From juicy mini pork breakfast sandwiches to creamy, delicious avocado toast and delightful citrus Bostock bites, home cooks are guaranteed to satisfy any palate that may come to the table.

Wolferman's Bakery spent time catching up with Curtis, to find out how he enjoys breakfast at home, his first memory of having English muffins as a kid in Australia, what he considers the ultimate brunch spread, and much more.

Check out what Curtis had to say:

Wolferman's Bakery: What's your morning routine?

Curtis Stone: I like to wake before everyone else does and have a coffee, maybe get in a workout if I have the time. I will typically wait for my wife Lindsay and my two sons to get out of bed and see what the family is hungry for before plotting out breakfast. I enjoy eggs and bacon, and Aussies love a good brekkie sandwich. Guess what I've found makes the perfect one?

WB: Growing up in Melbourne, Australia, were English muffins a common thing to have?

CS: We did have English muffins in Australia. My mum used to cut a hole in the middle and fry an egg inside of it. It was a favorite breakfast of mine and my brother growing up.

WB: What was your first reaction to tasting Wolferman's Bakery Super-Think English Muffins?

CS: My first reaction was, 'What am I going to put on top of this!' That little bit of extra makes a great base for my favorite toppings, from avocado to a cheesy egg. All of the air pockets ensure a crispy texture that pairs beautifully with creamier ingredients or to hug a good French butter, sweet jam, or honey.

WB: Now, what about your favorite Wolferman's Bakery English Muffin flavor?

CS: I'm rather a traditionalist so I gravitate toward the San Francisco-style Sourdough.

WB: What's your favorite way to eat an English muffin?

CS: Californians think they created avocado toast, but I'm convinced it's us Aussies. I love a good avocado mash on a lightly toasted English muffin. Up the ante with a soft-boiled egg and you've got yourself a quick, healthy meal that I could eat every morning.

WB: Tell us about your ultimate brunch spread. How do you go all out?

CS: I love brunch. It's that meal where you can accommodate those who veer toward sweet and savory ends of the spectrum. Eggs, bacon, ham, jams, honeys, and syrups are all part of the spread and the English muffin is a great vehicle to use as a base to so many different recipes.

WB: Switching gears a bit… If you could wake up anywhere in the world, where would it be?

CS: That's tough because there are still so many places I'd like to visit. It's been a challenging year though, and I can't wait to wake back up in Melbourne, my hometown.

WB: What inspired you to join us in celebrating National English Muffin Day?

CS: There is something about an English muffin that is just comforting. Warm, crisp with plenty of crevices to soak up ingredients. Plus, I like having options and Wolferman's Bakery has so many great varietiesand flavors. With different sizes and tastes, there is something for everyone.

WB: Tell us about the three recipes you created.

CS: The Gwen Smashed Avocado Toastis creamy and delicious. I love the saltiness of the bacon but that can easily be eliminated to accommodate vegetarians and instead can add tomato, sprouts, or a spiced nut mixture for texture. The Mini Brekkie Sandiesare the perfectly sized morning sandwich with cheesy eggs and some secret sauce for a tad of kick. The Mini Citrus Bostock Bitesare for anybody who prefers more of a pastry-type breakfastwith their nutty, tangy vibe coming from the almond cream and orange zest.

WB: What is the best way that people can celebrate National English Muffin Day at home?

CS: Break out the toaster! National English Muffin Day is a great way to get the kids involved in the kitchen. English muffins should be enjoyed both inside and outside of breakfast hours and can be personalized with different toppings to suit just about anybody.

Happy National English Muffin Day! #WolfermansBakery #NationalEnglishMuffinDay

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