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Sberbank announces the start of Global Cyber Week — a series of unique international cybersecurity events

  • The first Global Cyber Week will take place in Moscow from 17 to 21 June.
  • The week's key event - the 2nd International Cybersecurity Congress (ICC) - will be attended by leading experts from all over the world at the World Trade Centre on 20 and 21 June.
  • Global Cyber Week will begin with international practical cybersecurity conference OFFZONE, which is focused on a youth audience, and Cyber Polygon, the world's first online cybersecurity training session for major global corporations.

17 June 2019, Moscow - Sberbank will hold its first Global Cyber Week, a globally unique series of events for different audiences of cybersecurity experts. This week of cybersecurity will take place in Moscow from 17 to 21 June and include OFFZONE, a practical conference for white hat hackers, the Cyber Polygon international online cybersecurity training session, and the International Cybersecurity Congress (ICC), which for the second year in a row will bring together leading industry experts from all over the world.

Global Cyber Week will begin with international practical cybersecurity conference OFFZONE, which will take place on 17-18 June. It has been held in Moscow since 2018 and its key objective is to provide high quality technical content. The event will be attended by practical cybersecurity experts from around the world, as well as Sberbank's speakers. The conference's participants will learn about the most high-profile research and security tools first-hand, as well as take part in various ethical hacking competitions.

On 19 June, the Cyber Polygon online training for countering digital threats will take place. People from all over the planet will be able to observe its participants in real time via the website. The key task is to hold a cybertraining session to improve the level of international cooperation between organisations in the area of sharing information on cyberthreats. It will determine methods and means for identifying cybersecurity incidents and rapidly responding to and addressing the consequences of cyberattacks. In addition it will improve other technical and organisational forms of interaction on an international level.

The ICC is a unique international cross-industry platform for global dialogue between representatives of government agencies, international business leaders and recognised industry experts on the most pertinent and acute issues of cybersecurity in the context of globalisation and digitalisation.

On the first day of the ICC, the opening plenary session of the congress will take place. It will focus on the search for joint paths of development in the era of global digital transformation and the discussion of measures to increase global resilience to cyberthreats. In addition there will be a number of discussions on forming cybersecurity strategies to defend the financial and telecoms sectors, critical infrastructure and other areas. The business programme will conclude with presentations by experts on the topics of breakthrough cybersecurity technology, the legal environment in this sector, etc.

The second day of the congress (21 June) will feature a summary of the Cyber Polygon online training, a session on the issues of using artificial intelligence in cybersecurity, and the key plenary session of the ICC: Secure Digital World - Future or Utopia?, during which participants will look at the results of joint work, discuss the prospects for developing in the age of global digital transformation, and also outline strategies for increasing the global level of resilience to cyberthreats.

For questions about accreditation for OFFZONE, please write to [email protected].

You can watch Cyber Polygon after registering on

The programme of the 2nd International Cybersecurity Congress and list of participants can be found on the ICC's website: