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05/18/2022 | News release | Distributed by Public on 05/18/2022 05:52

Plateau acclimatization training accelerates generation of recruits' combat capability

By Wang Song and Zhao Qianli

XIZANG, May 18 -- Recently, a training base under the PLA Xizang Military Command and the Department of Highland Military Medicine of the PLA Army Medical University jointly launched a pilot program of "low-pressure hypoxia cabin acclimation training" for recruits to be stationed in the highland area of Xizang.

Xizang features high altitude, low atmospheric pressure and sparse oxygen. After entering the plateau sections of Xizang, recruits tend to show symptoms of discomfort such as being out of breath in running and inability to do strenuous exercises.

This new set of the highland training program is specially designed to help recruits shorten the plateau adaptation period and ensure the rapid formation of combat capability by organizing innovative training step by step including remote ischemic conditioning and highland combination exercises.

According to the director of the base, in light of the results over the past years, this new training mode has helped recruits overcome the problem of "unacclimatization" in military training and living after being stationed to the plateau areas, directly conducive to transforming the recruits into qualified combatants in a possible shorter period of time.