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04/24/2020 | News release | Distributed by Public on 04/24/2020 14:32

Thank You Cairn Volleyball Seniors!

One of the more unique seasons, men's volleyball made it through three quarters of their season before halting post spring break. With a 4-1 conference record and the preseason #1 pick, the Highlanders were poised for the first CSAC Conference Championship in men's volleyball history. While they don't go out with their first CSAC title, the Highlanders seniors' impact cannot be understated. These five showed incredible leadership both on and off the court and cultivated a Cairn volleyball community that had as much fun and camaraderie as any team in the nation. For further comments on their impact from Head Coach continue reading below. #5 OH Captain - Ben played for Cairn for four years and started for three of those years as an outside hitter. Each year he stepped up into a bigger and bigger role with the team both as a leader and a dependable player. As a captain, Ben did a great job motivating everyone to work hard in the offseason. He always led the team with a giant smile as he worked to make everyone around him better. He was positive, motivated, and engaged as a key component of the development of our program. Ben will be the recipient of this year's MVP award. #4 OH Captain - Caleb played for Cairn for four years and stepped up exceptionally well in his senior campaign as an outside hitter and captain. With an increased role, Caleb thrived and had his best season ever. Often our go-to hitter, Caleb was a strong and reliable attacker Scott could trust due to his extreme reliability and never-give-up attitude. Caleb developed into a dangerous attacker no matter where he was on the court. He further exemplified servant leadership as he went above and beyond his captain duties. Caleb will be the recipient of this year's Most Improved award. HE'S HUNGRY!!!! #1 L - Sam played for Cairn for three years and has played a huge part in our success as he started at Libero for the past two years. Sam was excellent at reading the offense, and he constantly popped up extremely hard-driven balls. He was fearless as his all-out dives kept us alive in many rallies. Sam also put in a lot of hard work to improve his serve-receive this year which solidified his unreplaceable spot in the back row. Sam's work ethic was unquestionable in and out of practice, off season workouts, in season workouts, and especially during games. His thoughtful, friendly presence played an important role in maintaining team morale. #6 S - Jon played for Cairn for four years and held a vital role every year. His coaches relied on him in many ways and he always came through when called upon. Game after game Jon's tough yet consistent float serves earned us the most points off serve. He was also regularly utilized as a setter in a 6-2 offense, setting out of the back row. Jon is the kind of athlete all coaches want to coach, but few get the privilege due to his amazing attitude. It truly has been an honor to have Jon as part of the team culture. Jon will be the recipient of this year's Highlander Award.

#3 DS Ish Santana-
Ish played for Cairn for the past three years as a defensive specialist. Ish came to the team as a first-year player and over the past three seasons has developed into a well-rounded volleyball player. Ish displayed a hunger to learn and improve throughout his career. Ish's encouragement, influence, and insight have been an essential part of building a strong team culture. His maturity and desire to help those around him gained him the love and respect of each of his teammates. Ish's leadership on and off the court will be missed