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3 Simple Steps to Spring Clean Your Closet

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3 Simple Steps to Spring Clean Your Closet

Rachel Anderson|| Sat, 4/17/2021

Photo Courtesy of istock Photo

Spring has officially sprung, and what better way to jump-start your spring cleaning than by organizing your closet? Many Camden apartment homes come with spacious walk-in closets. This means there is plenty of room for your collection of clothes, shoes, purses, and hats. If you are like me, you can hang on to things in your closet for way too long! Whether you are saving a dress for a special occasion or hoping an old pair of jeans will fit again. It is time to get into that closet and organize! Here are three simple tips to help you clear out your closet.

Separate Clothes into Three Different Piles
Marie Kondo, organizing extraordinaire, recommends holding each article of clothing and asking yourself whether or not it brings you joy. If it does bring you joy, then you can leave it in your closet. If it does not, then you can start a 'no' pile on the floor with the clothing off the hanger. If you are unsure, then create a 'maybe' pile on your bed with the clothing still on the hanger. Make sure you go through any storage bins or dresser drawers as well.

Photo Courtesy of Camden Old Town Scottsdale in Scottsdale, AZ

Sort Through the 'Maybe' Pile

Now your closet should be full of things you love and still enjoy wearing. Next, it's time to tackle those articles you are still on the fence about. It's time to go through your 'maybe' pile. Keep three things in mind when sorting through this pile: fit, lifestyle, and wardrobe styling.

  • Fit: Does the item still fit? If not, when was the last time you wore it? Is it a flattering style for you? If not, then it may be time to throw it into the 'no' pile.
  • Lifestyle: Many of us have had a complete change in lifestyle in the last year. Working from home has changed our clothing needs. Do you need those pencil skirts or dress pants anymore? Have you moved recently? You may no longer need those sweaters if you moved South to Tampa or Miami.
  • Wardrobe styling: Most importantly, ask yourself if this is something you enjoy wearing and consistent with your current style. Is this item something that is a past trend? Would you be able to style it with other clothes in your closet?

After considering these three ideas while sorting through your maybe pile, make your final decision. Is it in the 'yes' or 'no' pile?

Photo Courtesy of Camden Buckhead in Atlanta, GA

Sort Through the 'No' Pile
Just because these items no longer bring you joy does not mean they won't be loved by someone else! There are several different options for what you can do with the clothes you no longer want to hang onto. You can sell them on various clothing resale sites and turn your old clothes into extra cash. Now, not all things may be re-sold, but these items can be donated to someone in need. Find a local charity in need of clothing and drop it off!

Photo Courtesy of Camden Carolinian in Raleigh, NC

Now that your Camden closet is full of items you love and enjoy wearing, you should feel great about the cleaning you accomplished! Need some more spring-cleaning tips? Check out our Simply Camden blog on five important places to spring clean this year.

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