Ministry of Defence of the Italian Republic

02/08/2021 | Press release | Archived content

Rome - Cortina 2021: Armed Forces athletes compete in the Alpine Ski Worls Championship

The Armed Forces take part in the Cortina d'Ampezzo 2021 Alpine Ski World Championship with their teams and athletes. The championship will conclude on 21 February. Military athletes from the Army and Carabinieri Corps will compete, and Alpine Troops and Carabinieri will be engaged in organizing activities and guaranteeing security along the race courses

​Italy's participation includes a large number of military athletes, including seven from the Winter Sports Section of the Army Sports Centre.

The women's team includes: Corporal 1st Class Marta Bassino; Cpl 1st Cl. Elena Curtoni; Cpl 1st Cl. Francesca Marsaglia; Cpl 1st CL. Irene Curtoni; Cpl 1st CL. Lara Della Mea.

The Men's Blue Team includes: Cpl 1st CL. Giuliano Razzoli and Cpl 1st CL. Matteo Marsaglia.

The Carabinieri Corps is also present with a significant number of athletes: Giovanni Borsotti; Emanuele Buzzi; Dominik Paris; Florian Schieder and, for the women's team, Federica Brignone.

Many members of Fiamme Oro and Fiamme Gialle (Customs Police sports groups) will also compete in the Cortina 2021 Championship.

Besides the military athletes that take part in the races, the Armed Forces have also provided their support to the Chanpionship's organization. Starting from January, personnel from the Alpine units, part of 7th Regiment-Alpine Brigade 'Julia' have been providing support to the complex organization mechanism - always in compliance with COVID-19 prevention rules- to ensure that the competition takes place as expected.

In particular, about 150 Alpines have taken part in pre-emptive snow removal activities (heavy snowfalls have characterized the last weeks), thus concurring to the local community 's everyday-life safety.

Subsequently, they have taken part in setting the race courses, installed protection fences and nets, prepared the courses and installed start and arrival technical areas. Moreover, starting from tomorrow, they will provide security along the race courses and will take part in on-piste medical rescue teams.

The Alpine Ski World Championship security will be entrusted to the Carabinieri. Skimen from the same Corps were also in charge of carrying the Tricolor during the Cortina 2021 opening ceremony.

The Tricolor will also be the protagonist of the Frecce Tricolori flyby scheduled on Sunday, 14 February.