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VIS 0.35 µm 650 V GaN Process Enters Mass Production

VIS 0.35 µm 650 V GaN Process Enters Mass Production


Hsinchu, Taiwan, November 22, 2022 - Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation(VIS) announced today that its industry-leading 8-inch 0.35 µm 650 V GaN-on-QST processing technology platform has completed customer-end verification of system and reliability for its first batch of products, and officially entered the mass production phase. VIS becomes the first specialty IC foundry service provider to mass-produce GaN-on-QST wafers.

In 2018, VIS adopted Qromis' substrate technology (QSTTM) for a processing development of 0.35 µm 650 V GaN-on-QST on 8-inch substrates. The processing technology was completed in Q1 and successfully entered the mass production phase in Q4, 2022. VIS has simultaneously launched several collaborations with domestic and overseas integrated design manufacturing (IDM) vendors and IC design companies.

Compared to silicon (Si) substrates, QST substrates possesses a thermal coefficient of expansion (CTE) that is matched to GaN epi-layers, and the wafer warpage is less problematic in the manufacturing process, which is beneficial for the mass production. VIS' 0.35 µm 650 V GaN-on-QST processing technology is compatible with and is complementary to the development and production of company's existing 8-inch silicon wafer equipments, achieving the most optimal production efficiency and product yield performance. Based on the results of system verification at the customer end, products addressing the fast-charging market for greater than 65 W has achieved world-leading performance using GaN wafers provided by VIS. Moreover, with superior thermal property of QST substrates, the GaN wafers produced by VIS achieve better overall heat dissipation performance for fast-charging solutions.

"As a leading specialty IC foundry service provider, VIS has continually improved manufacturing technology to offer customers effective solutions and high value-added services," said Dr. John Wei, Chief Operating Officer of VIS. "Our 0.35 µm 650 V GaN-on-QST process has advantage in performances and reliability to not only offer customers a more optimized IC design option, but also enhance the competitiveness of customers' products."

In addition to the option of 650 V components, VIS' 0.35 µm GaN-on-QST processing technology also offers customers with add-on and robust ESD as a flexible design option. Not only does VIS GaN technology platform offer greater device reliability, VIS has also launched cooperation with multiple customers for development of scalable device technologies for higher voltage applications (greater than 1 kV) to satisfy their product needs.

About VIS

Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation (VIS) is a leading specialty IC foundry service provider. Since its inception in 1994 in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, VIS has been achieving continuous success in its technology development and production efficiency improvement. VIS has also been consistently offering its customers cost- competitive solutions and high value-added services. VIS has five 8-inch fabs in Taiwan and Singapore with a monthly capacity of about 262,000 wafers in 2022.

VIS has a total of over 6,000 employees. VIS is committed to adhering to our customer-oriented business philosophy to provide customers continuously improved and enhanced specialty IC foundry services. To better serve our worldwide customers, VIS has established sales offices in Taiwan and sales representatives in main IC clusters around the world.

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