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Dublin Port Company announces update on 3FM Project

9 May 2024

Dublin Port Company (DPC) has today announced an update on its 3FM Project. The changes proposed are a direct result of an extensive consultation process and a consideration of alternative options - a key requirement of the planning process. The changes outlined below will describe a material enhancement of lands allocated to public realm, more efficient location of lands to the district heating scheme and directly address concerns expressed about the perceived visual and noise impact of DPC's original proposals.

The 3FM Project concerns the provision of new port capacity for unitised cargo on port-owned lands on the Poolbeg Peninsula and includes the construction of a new bridge across the River Liffey as part of the Southern Port Access Route (SPAR). In addition, a new Maritime Village and enhanced public and community amenity will be provided along with 5.5km of cycle and pedestrian routes across the Poolbeg Peninsula.

Reconfigured Area O

It had been originally proposed that a Lo-Lo (container) storage facility would be located on port lands directly south of the Dublin Waste to Energy facility, referred to in the Dublin Port Masterplan as Area O. Following feedback from the consultation process and a detailed review of options, an alternative allocation of land has been determined with Area O continuing to play an important role in providing RoRo trailer capacity, but on a reduced area with no stacking of freight or gantry cranes.

Area L, which is adjacent to the quayside, will now be used as a LoLo container storage facility. Area L had been designated for further development at a later date under Masterplan 2040. However, this proposal brings this plan forward.

The Area O lands will now be reconfigured as follows:

  • A 1.2-acre portion of Area O will be made available to Dublin City Council to facilitate the provision of a District Heating Energy Centre adjacent to the Waste to Energy plant. This is the preferred location for Dublin City Council for the Energy Centre required to service the district heating scheme. The planning consent for the Energy Centre will not form part of the 3FM application and will be a matter for Dublin City Council in due course.
  • The remaining part of Area O lands will now be used as a Roll-On Roll-Off (RoRo) unaccompanied freight terminal, replacing the originally proposed container stacks with a ground level, single height freight trailer area. This non-containerised low level RoRo freight storage area will not involve any stacking of containers or trailers, nor will any gantry cranes be required.
  • The freight trailer terminal will be situated behind the existing large bund on the south of the Poolbeg Peninsula, and consequently be completely hidden from Sandymount Strand. Further planting of the bund will proceed as originally proposed, creating additional habitat along the coastal path area.
  • Electric-powered transfer units will be used to move the trailers between Area O and berthside.
  • All trailers departing from Area O will use the new, purpose-built Southern Port Access Route (SPAR) for access to the Dublin Port Tunnel - as will all other HGV traffic on the Poolbeg Peninsula. This will remove such traffic from existing public roads leading to and from the Tom Clarke Bridge.
  • A new portion of lands at the eastern end of Area O will be allocated to the Nature Reserve (Irishtown Nature Park) and transferred by DPC to Dublin City Council. This land represents a 2.7-acre extension to the Nature Reserve.
  • As a consequence of these changes, an additional area of land to the west of Area O will become a wildflower meadow [2.5 acres], creating a biodiversity gain.This willbe directly adjacent to the new Port Park [3.7 acres].
  • In combination a total of 12.9 acres of Dublin Port Lands will be allocated to the proposed public park, wildflower meadow, existing coastal path and berm area which will be planted and the extension to the Irishtown Nature Reserve.
  • All of these proposals conform with the appropriate zoning for the Area O lands under the Poolbeg West SDZ.
  • Funding will be provided by DPC to DCC to facilitate active travel routes around the Poolbeg Peninsula Nature Reserve which is managed by DCC.

Update on New Maritime Village

  • In addition to the changes proposed at Area O lands, Dublin Port Company is pleased to note that broad agreement has been reached on the design of a new Maritime Village for the Poolbeg Yacht Club, Stella Maris Rowing Club, the Ringsend Registered Fishermen and Private Boatowners, the Irish Nautical Trust and other maritime interest groups in the area. This will be a significant community resource, providing modern facilities for a range of users with improved waterside access viewing opportunities, and a public plaza area.

Lifting Bridge / Southern Port Access Route (SPAR)

  • The 3FM Project will also include the development of a new bridge across the River Liffey which will remove port and commercial traffic from surrounding roads.

Codling Wind Park

  • An additional 3.7 acres will also be made available to Codling Wind Park for the on-shoring of off-shore renewable energy.

Rail freight access

  • Dublin Port Company is also pleased to update that discussions are progressing well with Irish Rail with the intention of providing access for all port terminals to Rail. The SPAR will enable rapid road shunting of containers from the 3FM Project to these rail intermodal facilities. This rail intermodal initiative is separate to the 3FM Project in itself. Further updates will follow as this project evolves.

Barry O'Connell, Chief Executive, Dublin Port Company, said:

"The changes we're announcing today are a powerful example of how genuine engagement in the consultation process can result in stronger and more sustainable planning. Large infrastructure projects such as 3FM are complex and challenging and the consultation process is essential in order to achieve the right balance between the interests of the many stakeholders they impact. I believe our revised plans do just that and I want to sincerely thank all of those who contributed to the process.

"All stakeholders will have an opportunity to review the updated proposal in full, and make their views known to An Bord Pleanála as part of the statutory public consultation process when the application is lodged. We wanted to share this important update ahead of submitting our application this summer."