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06/11/2024 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 06/11/2024 02:48

Innovative Solutions at the Szczecin Marshal's Office Construction

- The investment by Mostostal Warszawa is the only regional government office in Poland built within passive construction standards. By utilizing a range of innovative solutions, the building demonstrates extremely low energy demand. The educational pathway presented in the passive building illustrates how modern construction can reduce its environmental impact. It's important to note that the building meets several stringent conditions related to the use of ecological materials, water savings, and maintaining high air quality. This is confirmed by the BREEAM certifications awarded to both buildings of the Marshal's Office - says Marcin Szymborski, Contract Group Director.

Mostostal Warszawa's Innovative Solutions

At Mostostal Warszawa, we are dynamically evolving in tandem with the changing market needs. Today, our goal is to create modern and environmentally friendly structures. We aim to be a company that sets examples and standards on the path to Poland's energy transformation. We continuously adapt our resources and technology, enabling us to be proud of the passive construction projects we have completed.

We also aim to inform about modern solutions that are transforming contemporary construction. The educational pathway demonstrates how these solutions work in practice.

Modern Investment

The passive building at Mazowiecka 14 incorporates numerous modern technological solutions. The building operates with a Building Management System (BMS) and Facility Management (FM) systems, aimed at efficient energy management, facility administration, and control of all systems while ensuring high air quality, thermal comfort, proper lighting, and the maintenance of installed devices.

The building uses a ground source heat system-28 boreholes totaling 5.5 km in length allow heat extraction from the ground. This energy is used for heating and cooling the building. Photovoltaic panels installed on the buildings provide a renewable energy source.

Part of the roof features lush green vegetation that reflects local plant life. Upon entering the building, one steps into a representative atrium with a green wall of living plants, a waterfall, and a glass river in the floor.

Bird and bat nesting boxes have been installed on the facade, serving as substitute natural habitats for sparrows, swifts, redstarts, and bats.

To rationalize water use, the building is equipped with faucets with lower water flow rates, or fitted with aerators that reduce water consumption.

An anti-flooding system detects leaks, alerts building management via the BMS, and automatically cuts off the water supply. The building also plans to use greywater for daily operations, collecting and treating rainwater.

The premises include parking spaces equipped for charging electric cars and a large bike storage area for non-motorized visitors.

The project was completed in 33 months, with a contract value of PLN 199.90 million.

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