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NorthWind Technical Services

Connections are incredibly important in business.

Michael and Marlene Bosworth started their engineering services and control system integration business, NorthWind Technical Services, LLC, in Sabetha, Kansas in 1997. Since that time, the Bosworth's have expanded their business to employ 38 people and sell in international markets.

To continue growing their operations they began working with the Kansas SBDC at Washburn University (WU) in 2012. The following is a short interview with Marlene Bosworth, Vice President of NorthWind Technical Services, LLC.

Kansas SBDC: What specific challenge(s) prompted you to contact the Kansas SBDC?

NorthWind: We were looking for ways to improve our business operations and for assistance with international shipping and business management. In addition, we were involved with a local initiative that prompted us to contact Mary Ann Riederer [SBDC business advisor] about assistance for local businesses and retail establishments in our community.

Kansas SBDC: How did your Kansas SBDC advisor or advisor team help you overcome these challenges? What solutions did you and your advisor discover together?

NorthWind: We attended Profit Competencies seminars. Mary Ann also got us in contact with individuals who helped us formulate ways to address international business issues we were dealing with as well as other resources. She and the Glacial Hills RC&D Enterprise Facilitation program have been very helpful to our local businesses and retail establishments, providing needed educational resources and events as well as one-on-one consults.

Kansas SBDC: What specific results or outcomes have you experienced in your business since implementing these solutions? How have these results changed your business?

NorthWind: International business and shipping resources helped us make contacts with others who are helping us, we gained confidence in pursuing new avenues of business, and are moving forward. I think the international component of our business will increase going forward.

I am also very pleased with the assistance our local Chamber has received from SBDC and Enterprise Facilitation. The establishment of the Glacial Hills Business Center in Sabetha has also been instrumental in increasing the small business assistance and improved climate business in our community.

More about NorthWind Technical Services

Website: NorthWind Technical Services
Facebook: NorthWind Technical Services
LinkedIn: NorthWind Technical Services

SBDC advisory team

Mary Ann Riederer, WU
Karl Klein, WU
John Addessi, JCCC
Ross Jordan, WSU

A note from SBDC business advisor, Mary Ann Riederer: NorthWind Technical was growing their business, and we simply supported them, as we would any other business, by providing information on the utility tax exemption, collaborating with other advisors in the Kansas SBDC network for research on international markets, and by serving as a conduit to additional resources.

How Kansas SBDC helped NorthWind Technical Services

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