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12/09/2023 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 12/09/2023 13:39

Accelerating Change: COP28 and Coursera Collaborate to Expand Global Youth Access to Climate Literacy Education

By Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO of Coursera

This month, the UNFCCC and COP Presidency is bringing together thousands of delegates, including world leaders and youth climate champions, to address urgent climate issues at the COP28 UAE Conference. As part of our participation at this year's summit, we're excited to announce that the COP28 Youth Climate Champion (YCC) has partnered with Coursera to offer 5,000 free licenses for a curated program of over 100 climate-focused online courses and credentials.

With a comprehensive scope covering crucial aspects of climate literacy such as mitigation, adaptation, finance, and loss and damage, this program is a significant step towards fostering global climate awareness.

In alignment with COP28's commitment to inclusion as the foundation of its Presidency, this partnership will empower young people through educational and capacity-building opportunities, enabling them to contribute meaningfully to climate decision-making processes.

The distribution of these licenses will be facilitated through UNFCCC constituencies, the University Climate Network, which encompasses 24 UAE-based universities and higher education institutions, as well as various youth activist groups.

"Young people have repeatedly raised that capacity building is a key priority for their meaningful participation during our global youth consultations. This partnership responds to that clearly identified need," said Her Excellency Shamma Al Mazrui, COP28's Youth Climate Champion. "COP28 and Coursera's collaboration on climate education demonstrates our commitment to empower the younger generation and foster their active involvement in tackling the global climate crisis."

Over 1,200 learners from 100+ countries have already embarked on their learning journey, totaling over 3,000 enrollments and surpassing 2,500 learning hours to date. This reflects a worldwide interest in climate education and a commitment to fighting climate change.

Coursera is honored to partner with COP28 in the fight against climate change. Through education, we aim to empower thousands of young people to learn about climate issues and play a role in shaping sustainable solutions. This partnership reflects our commitment to making climate literacy accessible to all and nurturing a generation that will lead us toward a sustainable future.