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03/19/2024 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 03/19/2024 07:04

End-to-End GenAI Development: Invoke, NVIDIA AI Workbench and Precision

In the realm of creative innovation, the convergence of technology and artistry has been the norm since the early days of digital media. Now, AI is the latest technology driving further evolution as it becomes an integral part of everyday life. As AI expands into more and more of the software tools we use, it's important to evaluate and consider how it impacts privacy, transparency and intellectual property rights.

Enterprises and individuals alike are seeking to harness GenAI to elevate their creative workflows. The ability to deploy GenAI tools in an isolated environment and on-premises with Precision AI-ready workstations is an easy approach to safeguard IP and protect against legal and compliance risks-but it may be difficult to know where to start.

Invoke Enterprise for Training and Deploying Custom AI Models

Kent Keirsey, Invoke's Founder and CEO, built Invoke Enterprise to help companies train AI image models using their own confidential intellectual property and deploy them to their teams through a secure, easy-to-use application.

"Enterprises need a generative AI solution that combines the usability of consumer tools with the power and control offered by the latest in open-source research. Customers are looking for enterprise-grade security and observability, powered by custom models specifically trained on their confidential intellectual property. They need assurances that they fully own their outputs, that they know what is going into the generative process, and that their data isn't being used to train other models."

- Kent Keirsey, Founder and CEO - Invoke Enterprise

Invoke is pushing the boundaries of custom AI image generation by providing enterprises with the tools they need to implement AI technology directly into their creative pipelines and processes, empowering creative teams to accelerate production tasks while retaining full control over their IP.

"Our mission with Invoke Enterprise is to provide companies with the tools they need to overcome the common challenges of AI adoption-implementation, gaining trust and ensuring security and privacy. By leveraging the most advanced features of open-source models, Invoke Enterprise offers a scalable solution that meets these specific needs of businesses, provides unparalleled creative control, keeps business' intellectual property secure and gets new users up to speed quickly through an easy-to-deploy application interface."

- Kent Keirsey, Founder and CEO - Invoke Enterprise


Precision AI-ready Workstations and NVIDIA AI Workbench

Keirsey used Dell Precision AI-ready workstations to deploy both Invoke and NVIDIA AI Workbench on-premises, leaning into the power and capabilities of the Precision 7780 mobile workstation with the NVIDIA RTX™ 5000 Ada Generation Laptop GPU to run AI compute locally.

"Deploying generative AI models on Dell Precision AI-ready workstations, particularly the Precision 7780, has set a new standard for performance. Not only do these workstations offer the computational power needed to run the latest AI models efficiently, but they also provide the security and reliability that enterprise clients demand. Older hardware can struggle with the demands of AI compute, but running Invoke on the 7780s is seamless, powerful and supports all of our most advanced AI workflows."

- Kent Keirsey, Founder and CEO - Invoke Enterprise

[Link]Precision 7780 mobile workstation.

Precision AI-ready workstations can offer significant benefits when developing and iterating GenAI models due to several key advantages. Precision workstations have powerful CPUs and GPUs that provide the computational horsepower needed for complex GenAI tasks. The Precision product line of AI-ready workstations come with Intel Core or Xeon processors, NVIDIA RTX™ GPUs and scalable RAM and storage solutions capable of handling the intensive computational requirements of training GenAI models-which usually involve processing large data sets and complex neural network architectures.

NVIDIA AI Workbench is a unified, easy-to-use toolkit that allows developers to create, test and customize pretrained GenAI models and LLMs on a PC or workstation. Introducing the AI Workbench into Invoke's workflow has been a game-changer for the Invoke team, as it helps remove the complexity of technical tasks that may confound experts or hinder novices, making AI development accessible to every coder.

The Invoke team has integrated the NVIDIA AI Workbench toolkit to demonstrate how their enterprise offering could be rapidly deployed across both local and remote computing environments. AI Workbench facilitates seamless sharing of images and projects across local or remote instances. If additional processing power is required, users can easily access remote systems through linked workstations to train new models and share those resulting files easily. AI Workbench simplifies project installation, container management and distributed compute utilization in a single application.

[Link]NVIDIA AI Workbench application.

Unifying Workflows

The integration of NVIDIA AI Workbench with Dell Precision AI-ready workstations offers a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to accelerate AI journeys, providing a robust, secure and efficient environment that can be tailored to the specific needs of users.

Dell has long collaborated with NVIDIA to integrate NVIDIA's innovative accelerated computing platform into Dell's extensive portfolio of products and services. This offers customers the latest advancements in AI, data analytics and high-performance computing to help them unlock new opportunities and drive innovation across industries. Dell continues to push the boundaries of performance, reliability and scalability for AI development.

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