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II Forum for Emigrant Support Offices and Diaspora Investment

II Forum for Emigrant Support Offices and Diaspora Investment

22 May 2023

The second Forum for Emigrant Support Offices and Diaspora Investment (GAEID's) will be held on May 24th, at the Municipal Library Dr. Alexandre Alves, in Mangualde. The agenda, according to the annex, aims to present relevant programmes in support of emigrants and/or diaspora investment as well as to share good municipal practices to promote the Portuguese communities living abroad in favour of the development of the inland.

Intended for municipalities that integrate the GAE - Emigrant Support Offices and the Diaspora Investor Support Network (RAID), which also covers the intermunicipal communities, the attendance of the Secretary of State for the Portuguese Communities, Paulo Cafôfo, and the Secretary of State for Regional Development, Isabel Ferreira is anticipated.

The programme will address issues related to homecoming support, namely the "Regressar Programme" and "Empreende XXI", in the area of taxation, the Non-Permanent Resident regime and the Digital Nomads tax regime will be presented. In the area of the Emigrant Support Offices, we would stress matters related to Social Security and the Platform for Registration of Activities and in the area of the Diaspora Investor Support Network, we would underline the performance of the PNAID, actions and attraction of investment from the diaspora, articulation in investor support, mapping of investment from the diaspora and identification of costs of context. Lastly, good practices from municipalities in supporting emigrants and diaspora investment are to be showcased.