SFIF - Swedish Forest Industries Federation

04/16/2024 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 04/16/2024 06:01

Kaisa Soro-Pesonen joins the Swedish Forest Industries as Head of its Brussels office

Photo: Lauri Hannus

Kaisa Soro-Pesonen will join the Swedish Forest Industries Federation (SFIF) as Director and Head of the Brussels Office. Kaisa joins the SFIF from a position as Head of the Brussels Office for the Confederation of Finnish Industries. Kaisa has an extensive experience from working with EU decision-making and public affairs, both as Policy coordinator at the European Commission and Managing Director of Miltton Europe and Partner at Kreab in Brussels.

"The forest industry plays a pivotal role in the green transition and the SFIF has during the last few years increased its presence in Brussels. With her broad knowledge and excellent networks, Kaisa Soro-Pesonen will be a key player as we further strengthen our presence in Brussels, and I am extremely pleased that she will join our industry," says Viveka Beckeman, Director General of the SFIF.

"Facing the next legislative period, the European Union is at an important turning point. I'm proud to be joining the Swedish Forest Industries that is a frontrunner of sustainability, promoting innovative solutions that support both EU competitiveness and global preparedness. The forest industry companies have a lot to offer in this field and I am grateful for the opportunity to take part in this unique transition," says Kaisa Soro-Pesonen.

Kaisa Soro-Pesonen will start on the 16th of August.

Anna Holmberg, who is currently Director and Head of the Brussels Office, will continue with the Swedish Forest Industries and will from August take up a post as Director and Head of Membership relations.

"Anna Holmberg has successfully run the Brussels Office for five years and I am very pleased that she has accepted the position as Head of Member relations and look forward to continuing working with her in Stockholm," says Viveka Beckeman.