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04/28/2023 | Press release | Archived content

Lupus Foundation of America Brings Together Communities to Make Lupus Visible for Lupus Awareness Month

Each May, The Lupus Foundation of America gathers the lupus community to make lupus visible for Lupus Awareness Month.

The Lupus Foundation of America is uniting communities to Make Lupus Visible in May during Lupus Awareness Month, when all those impacted by lupus nationwide unite to raise awareness of lupus and funds to support lupus research, education programs and support services.

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease where the immune system can't tell the difference between healthy tissues and foreign invaders. This can result in inflammation, pain, and damage to any organ system in the body. Common symptoms include extreme fatigue, debilitating joint pain, skin rashes, and swelling. While lupus can affect anyone, people with lupus overwhelmingly consist of women and disproportionately impacts certain racial and ethnic backgrounds, including Black/African-American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian-American and Pacific Islander.

Due to the mysterious and elusive nature of this disease, many of the symptoms of lupus aren't always visible, and can often result in years of misdiagnosis and inadequate treatment. And, because many of its symptoms and impact aren't always seen, it can lead to those living with lupus to feel misunderstood and isolated.

During May, the Lupus Foundation of America will Make Lupus Visible by sharing facts and first-hand testimonials from lupus warriors sharing their experience living with the disease. Each week during the month will focus on one of the often-invisible ways lupus impacts everyday life.

Lupus Awareness Month is a time to get involved, and everybody can make an impact from one of the many ways to Make Lupus Visible:

  • Raise the awareness of lupus by sharing facts and resources using the Lupus Foundation of America's awareness toolkit.
  • Join the global lupus community on May 10 for World Lupus Day by wearing purple, whether it's your favorite purple clothing item or accessory, and share with friends and family why raising lupus awareness is important to you.
  • Host a fundraiser or start a Facebook fundraiser, and invite your community to support the fight to end lupus no matter where they live.
  • Donate to support lupus research, education programs and support services.

"The impact of lupus on an individual's health and quality of life can be devastating, yet the symptoms are often invisible, and can lead to a delayed diagnosis and a lack of understanding about the severity of the disease," shared Mary T. Crimmings, interim CEO, Lupus Foundation of America. "All too often people with lupus hear that they don't 'look' sick. This is why it's so important to Make Lupus Visible during Lupus Awareness Month in May. By raising awareness and increasing understanding of lupus, we can help reduce the time to diagnosis and provide better support for those living with this cruel and mysterious disease. Together, we can make a difference and improve the lives of those affected by lupus."

We want to recognize and thank our sponsors for supporting key awareness topics during the month of May - AstraZeneca for supporting our focus on joint pain, Aurinia Pharmaceuticals for our focus on how lupus is different for everyone, Exagen for our focus on navigating life with lupus and GSK for supporting our focus on medications to manage lupus.

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