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Manifesto for the Future of European Hospitality#EUHospitality

What are the priorities of #EUHospitality for the 2024-2029 Legislative Term?

HOTREC just published its Manifesto for the Future of European Hospitality, highlighting the industry's ️ asks for the next five years.

HOTREC and its members urge candidates leading up to the #EU Elections to support the Manifesto's objectives and contribute to the prosperity of the sector.
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HOTREC President Alexandros Vassilikos "A more sustainable, digital, & resilient tourism & #EUHospitality ecosystem by 2030 can become a reality. The 2019-2024 legislative mandate brought forth several key initiatives. The next EU cycle will be of vital importance in shaping the hospitality sector in the coming years. We look forward to engaging with the future EU leaders to ensure our sector continues thriving."

HOTREC Director General Marie Audren "As we navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, our Manifesto reflects our commitment to building a resilient and innovative #EUHospitality sector. We believe that by addressing these key priorities collaboratively, we can foster an environment that not only sustains our businesses but also contributes positively to the European economy and society."

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