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04/10/2024 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 04/10/2024 09:24

Stories of NF: Blanchesca G

My mom has told me how I got NF and it was when I was born, probably when the days were passing by she was worried she didn't know know what it was, the doctors checked me and told her that I had NF.

Living with NF my whole life (I'm 38 years old now) is not easy. I was always bullied in school and got called names, but that didn't interfere with me at all. I was strong, after many surgeries on both of my knees, the ones who called me names and bullied me wanted to be my friends because I would get out of class early. But I never picked on them so they can learn their own lesson and not pick on anyone.

There's been many journeys. It's not easy at all living with NF. There's times when I'm super happy and I enjoy my life and I forget that I have NF, but than there's times when it attacks me with so much pain the the nerves start pinching me. That's when I feel down, but I get back up and try to be strong as much as I can because I have to accept how my life is now.

Favorite Song
Miracle Worker

Dream Superpower
To get rid of NF forever

Favorite Food
Homemade Chinese food