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10/19/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 10/19/2021 03:44

Opening of Proposals for Investment in Lobito Refinery


Sonangol held, on 15th October 2021, the public act of opening and acceptance of proposals for the Investment in the Lobito Refinery, in accordance with the program, announced on 9th July, during the launch of the respective public tender.

Five proposals were received, which were presented by the following bidders:

1 - Consortium formed by the companies:

• LANPEC Technology Limited (China); and

• International Business Development Group - IBD (USA);

2 - Consortium formed by companies:

• Gemcorp Holding Limited; and

• Omatapalo - Engenharia & Construção, SA;

3 - Consortium formed by the companies:

• HBMP - Hull Byth Man Power - General Trade and Provision of Services Ltd;

• AVIC International Beijing Co Ltd; and

• China Huanquiu Contracting & Engineering Co., Ltd;

4 - Layher Company (Pty) Ltd; and

5 - GazMin International Company.

The event, which took place in the main hall of the Lobito Municipal Administration, was attended by the Secretary of State for Oil and Gas, José Barroso; Vice-Governor of Benguela, Adilson Gonçalves; Administrator of Lobito, Evaristo Mário and the Administrator of Sonangol, Joaquim Fernandes, among other personalities.

In accordance with the tender program, the evaluation, clarification of proposals and due diligence phase will take place until 26th November. On December 10th, will be announced the companies that will integrate the corporate structure of the Lobito Refinery, together with Sonangol.​