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KMC Properties – Agreement for transformative acquisition of NOK 2.0 billion real estate portfolio from BEWI

KMC Properties - Agreement for transformative acquisition of NOK 2.0 billion real estate portfolio from BEWI


30 Jun 2022 08:01 CEST

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A wholly owned subsidiary of KMC Properties ASA ("KMC Properties" or the
"Company"), a real estate company focusing on industrial and logistic
properties, has today entered into an agreement with BEWI ASA ("BEWI") for the
acquisition of up to 24 properties and one land plot with a gross asset value of
up to approximately NOK 2.0 billion. In connection with the transaction (the
"Property Transaction"), long term triple net rental agreements will be entered
into for the properties.

"This is a transformative transaction for KMC Properties. We are acquiring a
sizeable and attractive portfolio of facilities with solid tenants, sound WAULT
and a significant additional development potential. We will enter long-term
rental contracts with tenants we know well, and a type of facilities we know
well, enabling us to leverage on our existing organisation's competencies and
capacities to deliver solid margins going forward. With this acquisition, we
take a significant step towards bringing KMC Properties closer to the
communicated strategic target of NOK 8 billion in total asset value by 2025,"
says Liv Malvik, CEO of KMC Properties.

The Property Transaction includes up to 24 properties and one land plot composed
of a total 244 415 sqm gross area (BTA) of buildings and 999 714 sqm BTA of
land, with a gross yield of 6.31 per cent.

The Property Transaction is governed by a sale and purchase agreement (the
"SPA") with BEWI and reflecting a total gross asset value of up to approximately
NOK 2.0 billion. 19 of the properties are owned by Jackon Holding AS, which BEWI
is in the process of acquiring, pending final approvals from relevant
competition authorities. Hence, completion of the Property Transaction is
subject to closing of BEWI's acquisition of Jackon Holding. In connection with
the Property Transaction, long term triple net rental agreements, averaging an
initial lease of 16.5 years, will be entered into for the properties with the
current users.

The Company is under the SPA obligated to acquire the Norwegian and Swedish
properties comprised by the agreement valued to approximately NOK 970 million,
including 12 properties and one land plot composed of a total 91 867 sqm BTA of
buildings and 355 104 sqm BTA of land, with a gross yield of 6.31 per cent.
Further, KMC Properties has an exclusive right to acquire the remaining part of
the portfolio, including properties in Germany, Belgium, Poland, Finland, and
Denmark, within twelve months from today. KMC Properties intends to utilize the
exclusive right.

The acquired portfolio aligns with KMC Properties' core sector of light
industrial properties and long-standing working relationship with BEWI.

"The agreement with BEWI fits fully with our communicated strategy of entering
long lease agreements with solid tenants for properties with strategic
locations, as well as following existing tenants' expansion. This additional
property portfolio will provide us with a strengthened market position and a new
platform for accelerated value creation," says Liv Malvik, CEO of KMC

KMC Properties will finance the Property Transaction by a combination of new
equity, drawings on existing loan facilities, new committed loans, and cash on
balance sheet and from operations. Accordingly, the Company is contemplating a
private placement of new shares to be conducted in the third quarter of 2022 to
raise gross proceeds in the amount of NOK 350 million (the "Private Placement"),
subject to prevailing market conditions. The net proceeds from the Private
Placement will be used to finance the acquisition of the Norwegian and Swedish
properties in the Property Transaction, in addition to other announced projects
and growth pipeline initiatives, such as the development of the packaging hub at
Hitra, Norway for BEWI and the salmon slaughterhouse for Slakteriet AS, and the
acquisition of two industrial properties in Denmark as announced on 19 May 2022.
Further, the Company is in discussions regarding the acquisition of another
property in Norway.

The Private Placement is fully underwritten by a group of investors including
BEWI Invest AS and HAAS AS at a minimum subscription price of NOK 8 per share.
BEWI Invest AS, the Company's largest shareholder, will at least be allocated a
percentage of the new shares in the Private Placement equal to its holding in
the Company. The underwriters will receive a 4 per cent underwriting commission
based on the sum of the respective underwriter's commitment. The Company's
obligation to pay the underwriting commission will be settled by issuance of new
shares at the same price as the other shares in the Private Placement.

Carnegie AS, DNB Markets, a part of DNB Bank ASA, and Pareto Securities AS are
financial advisors and Advokatfirmaet Thommessen AS is legal advisor to KMC
Properties in connection with the Private Placement. Pareto Securities AS and
Advokatfirmaet Thommessen AS are also financial advisor and legal advisor,
respectively, to the Company in connection with the Property Transaction.

Pursuant to section 3-19 of the Norwegian Public Companies Act a notification
signed by the competent board members of the Company has been attached hereto
and is also published on the Company's website

KMC Properties' portfolio currently, prior to the Property Transaction, consists
of 46 properties (excluding the property in Russia held for sale), primarily in
the Nordics, constituting approximately 377,000 sqm in total.

For further information, please contact:
Liv Malvik, CEO of KMC Properties ASA, tel. +4748003175

About KMC Properties ASA
KMC Properties is an Oslo Børs listed real estate company focusing on
industrial- and logistic properties. The company has a diversified portfolio of
properties in the Nordics and the Netherlands, as well as an office building in
Moscow, Russia. The properties are strategically located and have long lease
agreements with solid tenants.

KMC Properties has an ambitious strategy to grow the portfolio through further
development of existing properties, as well as M&A initiatives.

The information is such that KMC Properties ASA is required to disclose in
accordance with the EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) article 7 and is subject to
the disclosure requirements pursuant to section 5-12 of the Norwegian Securities
Trading Act. The information was submitted for publication, through the agency
of the contact person set out above, at 08:00 CEST on 30 June 2022.

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