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COMPAL Unveils Next-Gen Satellite Solutions with Auden and ALifecom at Satellite 2024

Taipei, Taiwan (March 18, 2024) - Compal Electronics Inc. (2324.TW; Taiwan Stock Exchange), a leading global manufacturer of smart devices, is excited to announce its participation in Satellite 2024, the prestigious Satellite 2024 Conference & Exhibition in Washington, DC. Teaming up with Auden Techno Corp and ALifecom, COMPAL is poised to unveil groundbreaking innovations that herald the dawn of the B5G Satellite-based Communication era, showcasing innovative Module & Device solutions in Satellite communication.

At the event, COMPAL, alongside its esteemed collaborators Auden and ALifecom, will present comprehensive solutions for communication technology and sustainable connectivity. Leveraging Auden's expertise, COMPAL has elevated design experience in array antenna communication systems over the years. This collaboration has resulted in innovative shared antenna designs, solving performance loss problems of different frequency array antennas, and addressing the SWaP (Size, Weight & Power) challenge of LEO satellite communication products with a new architecture. These advancements drive low-orbit satellite technology towards the commercial market.

COMPAL's satellite IoT solution, the Hestia NTN dongle, adheres rigorously to 3GPP wireless communication standards and ITU LPWAN protocols, supporting a diverse array of modes including 4G/LTE/NB-IOT/Cat-M/BT/Wifi/Lora. This comprehensive compatibility enables seamless communication, leveraging wide-area IoT communication technology. The Hestia NTN dongle is designed to enhance operational efficiency, optimize resource management, and facilitate sustainable practices within the global renewable energy market. This plug-and-play device is poised to revolutionize energy monitoring, data analytics, and predictive maintenance processes. By empowering stakeholders with real-time insights and actionable data, the Hestia NTN dongle enables informed decision-making and maximizes the potential of renewable energy sources.

Through bi-directional satellite communication capabilities, COMPAL's NTN satellite IoT solution integrates satellite signals with terminal sensor data, providing a seamless satellite communication experience. The module is validated by ALifecom's IoT-NTN solution featuring the upgraded NE6000 Network Emulator, compliant with the latest 3GPP standard to support IoT over NTN, and embedding a channel emulator, eNodeB, and EPC in a comprehensive test solution. The NE6000 all-in-one signaling test solution allows users to test cases across RF signal compliance, physical layer data throughput, and advanced protocol analysis, replicating real-world signal propagation conditions.

"We are immensely excited to collaborate with Auden and ALifecom as we take center stage at Satellite 2024. By merging our unique expertise and pioneering technologies, we stand at the forefront of transforming the satellite communication sphere. Together, our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art solutions will empower businesses and communities globally, forging new paths in connectivity and reshaping the landscape of communication as we know it." stated Eric Peng, Executive Vice President at Compal Electronics Inc.

"We are delighted to collaborate with COMAPL to integrate our strengths and launch a complete satellite communication solution. By integrating high and low orbit satellite communication with ground communication, along with COMPAL's robust cloud system solutions, we can assist users in building high-quality, reliable communication systems for commercial, industrial, and national security needs, whether on land, sea, or in the sky," stated Zhang Yubin, Chairman of Auden.

"We are excited to partner with COMPAL to verify their innovative NTN solutions. These solutions are primed to revolutionize the IoT communications market, and we are proud to support COMPAL. We believe that enabling COMPAL to bring their products to market faster and supporting them with custom test-cases will strengthen the NTN market and community," said Max Lin, CEO of ALifecom.

Enterprises can leverage COMPAL's satellite communication technology, in collaboration with Auden and ALifecom, to establish connections and communication between IoT devices. This holistic solution offers businesses an optimal choice for achieving seamless connectivity.

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Exhibition Dates: March 19th to March 21th

Location: Walter E. Washington Convention Center

Washington, DC

Hall: 2642, Compal & Auden / 1756, ALifecom

【About COMPAL 】

Established in 1984, COMPAL has grown to the worldwide leading computer and smart devices manufacturer, which is ranked as a Taiwan Top 6 large scale manufacturer and a Global Fortune 500 company. COMPAL invests in product diversification for years and starts its 5G technologies business since 2018. It offers wild solutions and complete portfolio, including 5G O-RAN, 5G small cells, 5G wireless modules as well as 5G smart wearable devices, satellite user terminal equipment and IoT solutions. With a comprehensive product portfolio that covers various domains, COMPAL is steadily advancing its leadership position in the field of 5G applications. For more information

【About Auden】

"Established in 1981, Auden Group is a leading provider of connectivity solutions based in Taiwan. Continuously striving to advance the connectivity industry worldwide, the company provides comprehensive technical and service support in the wireless communication market, spanning antenna design & manufacturing, system-level integration, wireless product testing, laboratory & security, and green energy. Recently, Auden was recognized on the Forbes "Best Under a Billion 2023" list for its achievements that have moved the connectivity and telecommunications industries forward.

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【About ALifecom】

Established in 2009, ALifecom has been dedicated to algorithm development, hardware design and software implementations to develop innovative communication testing solutions. The high-quality testing solutions from ALifecom support a range of communication protocols from 5G and NTN to WiFi and Bluetooth. ALifecom provides customers with a customized one-stop solution for functional testing, communication protocols, and RF measurements. More information on website:

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