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Will Jim Jordan, Other Republicans Pull Their Endorsement of Craig Reidel

Will Jim Jordan, Other Republicans Pull Their Endorsement of Craig Reidel?

December 11, 2023

Columbus, OH - In case you missed it, Craig Reidel is bleeding Republican support in the OH-09 GOP primary after denouncing Donald Trump in a leaked phone call, saying "I think he is arrogant" and "a different person than me," then trying to walk those comments back in a pathetic attempt at damage control Friday. After Reidel was caught saying the quiet part out loud about Trump he then quickly released a statement endorsing Trump, blaming Matt Gaetz and calling J.R. Majewski - a guy with his own complicated relationship with the truth - "a proven loser."

After Max Miller and Bernie Moreno have pulled their support of Reidel, will other Republicans, including Ohio's own Jim Jordan, pull their support? A full list of Reidel's endorsements (for now) can be found HERE.

"Pants are officially on fire in the OH-09 GOP primary, and both candidates need plenty of water. After Craig Reidel was caught saying how he really feels about Donald Trump, will fellow Republicans stick with a known fraud or join Max Miller and Bernie Moreno in jumping ship? It's a race to the bottom in the OH-09 primary, one we all lose for having to endure it," said Matt Keyes, spokesperson for the Ohio Democratic Party.