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05/31/2023 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 05/30/2023 18:25

J-ENG will present the latest technologies of UE engine and the development status of 'Stratified injection technology” which is applied to ammonia fueled engines at 30th CIMAC[...]

CIMAC is the global platform for the dialogue amongst researcher, engine designer, manufacturer, and engine users in the large engine industry. The 30th CIMAC World Congress will take place from 12 - 16 June 2023 in Busan, Korea. At this congress, Japan Engine Corporation (J-ENG) will present two papers on the latest technological strategies on UE engine and the development status of Ammonia fueled engines.
The titles and key points of the papers are as follows;

Title: The latest technological development of the J-ENG UE engine for zero emission and digital transformation

Key points:
- A variety of solutions developed by J-ENG on UE engines in response to the gradually tightened environmental regulations are introduced.
- Development status of ammonia fueled and hydrogen fueled engines, which have the potential to significantly reduce GHG emissions in order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, are reported.
- Initiatives towards Digital Transformation (DX), including the development of engine control, monitoring and diagnosis system using IoT and AI technology, are introduced.

Title: Fundamental study of the effect of stratified NH3 injection system for nitrogen compounds reduction

Key points:
- For J-ENG's proprietary "Stratified injection technology", which is planned to be applied to ammonia fueled engines, the detailed concepts and the results of observations of stratified ammonia injection, as well as combustion test using a visual constant volume combustion vessel conducted, are reported.
- The latest status of ammonia co-firing operation conducted on the ammonia fueled test engine with this technology is introduced.