Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

06/03/2021 | News release | Distributed by Public on 06/04/2021 08:01

The Russian-Norwegian exercise Barents-2021 has ended in the Barents Sea

03.06.2021 (20:30)

The search and rescue support forces of the Northern Fleet, involved in the Russian-Norwegian rescue exercise Barents-2021, returned to the main base of the Northern Fleet - the city of Severomorsk.

According to the plan of the Russian-Norwegian exercise Barents-2021, its active phase began the day before, on June 2, with the receipt of a distress signal from the area where the ship crashed and sank, and its crew members were in the water.

The Joint Rescue Coordination Center of Northern Norway notified the search and rescue support forces of the Northern Fleet's emergency rescue units and other law enforcement agencies stationed in the region.

From the airfield Severomorsk-1, an Il-38 aircraft of the air force and air defence army of the Northern Fleet was lifted into the air, which flew to the disaster area to detect people on the surface of the sea.

After the pilots of the IL-38 aircraft found people in distress, marked with mannequins, the updated coordinates were transferred to the search and rescue forces. The rescue tug ship Nikolai Chiker of the Northern Fleet went to the area of the accident.

During the exercise, the joint actions of the crews of rescue vessels and aircraft were practiced to lift those in distress from the sea surface, deliver them to rescue vessels and provide the necessary medical assistance.

This year, the exercise was conducted under the overall leadership of the Norwegian side.

From the Northern Fleet, the rescue tug ship Nikolai Chiker, the Il-38 aircraft, and the Ka-27 search and rescue helicopter took part in the exercise. Also from the Russian side, the forces and means of the Murmansk branches of the maritime rescue coordination center, the Mi-8 search and rescue helicopter, and the border department of the FSS of Russia for the Western Arctic region were involved.

Directly in the exercise from the Norwegian side, ships, vessels, aircraft of the joint rescue coordination center of Northern Norway, the coast administration, the coast guard of the Navy, as well as the forces and means of the centers and the AVINOR air space control service were involved.

International exercises Barents are held annually in accordance with the' Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Kingdom of Norway on cooperation in the search for missing persons and rescue of people in Distress in the Barents Sea of October 04, 1995. The exercise is led alternately by representatives of both the Russian and Norwegian search and rescue support forces.