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Mayor Ganim's 'Let's Talk Progress' Livestream Highlights the Social Services Department in Bridgeport

Mayor Ganim's "Let's Talk Progress" Livestream Highlights the Social Services Department in Bridgeport

February 6, 2024

Bridgeport, CT - Earlier today, a livestream was hosted for Mayor Ganim's web-series, "Let's Talk Progress," a collection of livestreams that cover many facets and projects that occur throughout Bridgeport. During today's episode, Mayor Ganim was paired with David Reyes, the Director of the Social Services division which falls underneath the City's Health Department. Mayor Ganim and Reyes went into detail about some of the services that are offered by the Social Services division, including, but not limited to: Renters' Rebate, the Fair Rent Commission, Rental Assistance, Fire Relocation, and much more.

David Reyes stated, "It's been a pleasure to work for such an important department within the City of Bridgeport. There are always so many great things happening within Social Services; we're always working diligently with non-profit organizations and our other partners to continuously provide the support our residents need. My motto has always been 'we come to you,' and it's vital that our department educates residents about the services available to them at their time of need."

The Social Services department has been able to assist with displaced families during fire emergencies, provide case management to families in need of housing assistance, adopt the Mayor's Initiative for Reentry Affairs, and provide crisis intervention by working on scene with Bridgeport Police Officers. Bridgeport residents are encouraged to visit the Social Services Departmentpage on the City of Bridgeportwebsite. Residents who need assistance are also encouraged to take advantage of the referral formlisted on the Social Services webpage to receive case management.

Mayor Ganim stated, "I've noticed the social needs of Bridgeport residents since COVID-19 made its initial impact on our community. With our growing population, it's imperative that we maintain the services offered by the Social Services department so we can continue to serve our City in the best way possible. I'm very proud of David for all the work he and his team have done so far; I can assure anyone that seeks out assistance from Dave will truly be in good hands."

To view this morning's livestream, viewers can visit the City of Bridgeport's Facebookpage to watch the conversation.

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