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08/06/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 08/06/2021 00:34

“The Way of Accent”

The curtain will rise in September on Lechler's new and highly anticipated colour palette, created to enrich its by now well-known Color Design project. It is called 'The Way of Accent' and will consist not only of fashionable colours, but of 'timeless' collections, for spaces and objects designed to last.

To see and touch them you'll have to wait for the Fuorisalone, but we can give you a sneak peak.

Imagine going on a journey that lasts more than two million years, witnessing the formation of precious stones like quartz and agate. The dazzling variegation of these geodes reveals colours and accents of inherent perfection, created thanks to the reactants of the various minerals present within them, like iron oxides, cobalt, titanium, nickel, chrome, manganese, copper, and so on.

From this very union between nature and chemistry Lechler's new solutions come to life; products that are extremely contemporary, yet designed to last over time, precisely like the geodes that inspired them.

Color Design® Lechler - 'The Way of Accent'
5-10 September 2021
c/o 'The Falegnameria' Via Tortona 26
Sunday-Thursday, 9:30am-7pm
Friday, 9:30am-6pm