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Pelosi Remarks at Press Conference on Climate Action

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Washington, D.C. - Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined the League of Conservation Voters, Senator Schumer, House and Senate Democrats and advocates for a press conference to highlight the importance of investing in climate, jobs and justice. Below are the Speaker's remarks:

Speaker Pelosi. Thank you. Thank you very much for your very kind words. More importantly, for the great leadership of the League of Conservation Voters. Tiernan has been there every step of the way, whether as an intellectual resource, with a message, as a mobilizer, in every way. Thank you, Tiernan Sittenfeld for your great leadership. And to Mustafa Santiago Ali, welcome. Welcome to the Capitol.

Okay, so we have a number of speakers. We have a message that we want to convey and that is that it is an imperative that we get this job done. And we fully intend to do it: for the children, for the planet, for the future.

I'm so proud of the work of the House Democrats, that we were able, under Kathy Castor's leadership, to put forth a plan of action that is - nothing like it has ever been seen. On that same committee is Mike Levin. I've seen him advocate to save the planet in his district, most recently last Sunday, in Washington and at the COP25 in Spain. Globally, locally, in every way, he has been a tremendous resource in this regard. Of course, Lisa Blunt Rochester brings her special stamp to this, in terms of what this means in terms of health care, as well as for jobs. And we have our newest Member, Melanie Stansbury. Here she is: the constant reinvigoration of the effort to get this done. We're all honored to be here, of course, with Ben Ray Luján, our former colleague, who did this work in New Mexico even before he came to Congress, and in the House and now a leader in the Senate.

And of course, this is a major, major priority for the Democratic Leader of the Senate. It's an honor to welcome him back, always, to the House side, where he learned so much about all of this. He's not denying it.

Leader Schumer. Much from the Speaker herself, as a young congresswoman.

Speaker Pelosi. He and I would both agree that we have a great leader in the White House. Joe Biden was one of the first people to ever introduce any climate legislation decades ago. So, we're in a good place to reach the goals that are set out. Hopefully, in the reconciliation very soon. But everybody, know that when they make that vote, it will be signed by Joe Biden, a pro-climate champion in the White House.

With that, I'm very pleased to yield to the distinguished champion of saving the planet in the Senate, the distinguished former Member of the House, current and future Democratic Leader of the Senate, Chuck Schumer.

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