Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Republic of Singapore

11/06/2023 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 11/07/2023 03:15

Written reply to PQ on Measures to Prevent Unauthorised Arms Sales and Transfers from Taking Place Through Singapore


Ms He Ting Ru: To ask the Minister for Trade and Industry (a) what are the current measures to prevent unauthorised arms sales and transfers from taking place through Singapore; and (b) what steps are being taken to review and improve such efforts.

Written Answer by Minister for Trade and Industry Gan Kim Yong

1. Singapore adopts a comprehensive approach to prevent and deter unauthorised arms sales and transfers from taking place through Singapore.

2. Firstly, the Strategic Goods (Control) Act 2002 regulates the export, transhipment, transit, intangible transfer of technology and brokering of strategic goods and strategic goods technology.

3. Any person or entity engaged in activities involving strategic goods or strategic goods technology must abide by the permit and registration requirements under the SGCA. This includes applying for a permit prior to the export, transhipment and transit of strategic goods and/or intangible transfer of technology listed in the Strategic Goods Control List, as well as for goods or technology which are intended or likely to be used for weapons of mass destruction purposes. In addition, persons who import, export or tranship arms through Singapore must apply for a licence from the Singapore Police Force under the Arms and Explosives Act and must be assessed to be a 'fit and proper' person as part of the licensing criteria.

4. Secondly, the Inter-Ministry Committee on Export Controls coordinates across various government agencies to ensure that Singapore complies strictly with our international obligations on international arms sales and transfers, as well as UN sanctions and embargoes against any country.

5. Thirdly, the relevant agencies raise awareness through advisories and regular outreach programmes to ensure that Singapore-based businesses and shipping companies are aware of the latest regulatory requirements which they must comply with.