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Chaos Balloons Over – Daily High Five

GOP WAR ON BOOKS: Tonight, the House Oversight Committee will have their meeting on book banning in Iowa. Iowa's students deserve to learn from an array of resources and receive an honest education without politicians getting in the way.

Please make sure your voice is heard and make a public comment opposing this censorship here.

2) HOW FAR WILL REYNOLDS GO?: In a new piece by Todd Dorman, he shares that despite Reynolds already passing her voucher scheme, her attacks on public education are continuing. With legislation reporting educators for teaching the truth and targeting LGBTQ students, Reynolds is making it clear she won't stop making public schools suffer.

3) CORPORATE KIM TAX CUT CONTROVERSY: Rather than using ARPA funds to directly help vulnerable citizens, several Republican led states are facing criticism for using the funds as an excuse to offer tax cuts. Reminder: Reynolds used the excuse of a "surplus" to give a high corporate tax cut last year and she's now using ARPA funds to bail her out of underfunding other programs. Corporate Kim's intentions are clear. While she was eager to use ARPA surplus funds for corporate tax cuts, Reynolds let millions in federal funds for shelter slip away from Iowans in need of rental assistance.

4) DEBATE ON CAPPING VALUE OF LIFE: Bills moving through the Iowa Legislature that would limit damages Iowans could receive in medical malpractice and trucking accident lawsuits are now being criticized by Iowans on both sides of the aisle. While Reynolds is supporting these bills to protect corporate interests, many are more concerned with everyday Iowans.

5) BALLOON RECAP: As you may have seen, the biggest story this weekend was somehow about a balloon. The suspected surveillance balloon from China was popped on Saturday and we're now learning multiple balloons from China were present during Trump's presidency. We're suspecting this story will receive a lot of hot air so be on the lookout for a lot of opinions on balloons that you didn't ask for!

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Thanks for reading, and we'll get back with you tomorrow for another High Five!

- The Progress Iowa Team