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05/22/2023 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 05/23/2023 04:11

Portugal supports electoral process in Guinea-Bissau

Portugal supports electoral process in Guinea-Bissau

22 May 2023

Portugal will grant about 16 tons of electoral material to Guinea-Bissau, this Tuesday, for the parliamentary elections to be held on June 4th.

The provision of this material is made under the Electoral Cooperation between Portugal - through the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Internal Administration - and Guinea-Bissau, and its transport is assured by a comercial flight also supported by the Portuguese State.

The Portuguese contribution includes ballot papers, incorporation articles and cast ballots, dump sheets, voter lists, protests and complaints forms, among other material required for the elections, which will be handed over to the Guinean authorities by the Portuguese ambassador in Bissau.

In addition to this support for the electoral process, which totals 290,000 euros, Portugal will also add a contribution of 250,000 euros. Both contributions are part of the international efforts that have been undertaken by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Portugal had also made available at the end of 2022, as per request of Guinea-Bissau's authorities, the amount of 5 million euros for the General State Budget, in order to deal with the worsening of the international economic and financial situation, aimed at reinforcing support from Portuguese Cooperation in the areas of Education and Health, as well as strengthening democracy, namely through support for holding electoral processes.

Portugal recognizes the importance of the parliamentary elections to be held on June 4th in Guinea-Bissau for the country's political life and development.

Lisbon, May 22nd 2023