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02/09/2018 | News release | Distributed by Public on 02/09/2018 18:25

Sinsheimer Playground Closed - Week of February 12th

Sinsheimer Playground Gets Even Better!

Temporary Playground Closure (1 week) to allow for Even Cooler Upgrades!

Construction starts Monday, February 12th

City staff and construction crews know how much the playground is loved by the community and are committed to installing this upgrade in anticipation of getting the park ready for families and kiddos to quickly enjoy again.

What's Happening While We're Closed?

Base of Grassy Hill will be extended - Keeping our kiddos even safer as the come to rest at the bottom of the hill. This upgrade will also reduce daily maintenance needs - by keeping the woodchips in place.

What to Expect During the Temporary Closure?

Most of the play equipment closures are due to their proximity to the areas under construction. The play equipment items to be closed during construction are:

  • grassy hill
  • tube slide closest to the grass hill,
  • both embankment slides; and
  • zip line

Thank You to Kiddos & Their Families

We know this temporary closure may be an inconvenience to all those kids and 'kids at heart' who have come to love and enjoy our new playground. The good news is that the playground enhancements will provide a safer and more pleasurable experience to all who use it.

Please call Parks and Recreation if you have additional questions at (805) 781-7300.

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