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Alternative Valentine’s Day date ideas

Leave behind the teddy bears, crowded bars and pricey dinners this year. Get personal with Valentine's Day date ideas they'll love

And just like that, Valentine's Day is around the corner again! February 14th often proves controversial, with lots of couples firmly in either the "love it" or "hate it" camp. But what if you could mark the day of love without the cliches? Here are some alternative Valentine's Day date ideas for all of the romance with none of the cringe.


A picnic under the stars

The great thing about all picnics is they can be as thrifty or over the top as you want. If you're on a budget or time is of the essence, you can prepare your favourite snacks and enjoy them in the garden. May we suggest our Mini Chocolate Dipping Adventure For Two for a romantic finishing touch?

Alternatively, you can wrap up warm, pack up a posh picnic - perhaps with some Prosecco - and walk or drive out to one of your favourite spots to enjoy the night sky together. If the weather has other ideas for your outdoor plans, an at-home galaxy projector is an effective, reusable way to create romance in the warmth of your home.


Build a cosy blanket fort

We should all reconnect with our inner child from time to time, and what better way to do that than to make a bit of a mess?

Grab all the duvets, pillows, cushions, and any other bedding from around the house and make a cosy den. You and your significant other can snuggle up while you enjoy a favourite film, binge-watch a series or play some video games.

Of course, some decadent snacks will always make this Valentine's Day date night extra special. Share our With Love Sleekster or enjoy a warming mug of hot chocolate. Prepare it with the Velvetiser for a silky, cloud-like drinking chocolate brimming with high-quality cacao.

If you've got children around and want to have a family Valentine's Day celebration, they'll love this cosy activity, too.

Shake things up with some Valentine's cocktails

Making something together is a tried and tested date idea for good reason. It's great fun, it lets you be creative, and you're guaranteed to have some laughs along the way. Round up the ingredients to make your favourites, or just buy anything and see what you end up making - they don't have to be perfect. You may even end up accidentally mixing your new favourite.

Check out our favourite Valentine's Day cocktail recipes for some inspiration. From sumptuous Chocolate Espresso Martinis to a refreshing Velvetised Mint Soother, our Valentine's cocktails are sure to bring an element of celebration to your alternative Valentine's Day date night.

For more tempting cocktail ingredients, browse our alcohol collection. Each premium spirit features ethically sourced cacao for an irresistible malty edge.

Do a dance lesson or workout together

It may not always seem like the case, but exercise releases those precious endorphins (aka feel-good chemicals) which coincidentally are also associated with falling in love.

Strengthen your bond by supporting each other through a tough workout, and enjoy feeling accomplished when you make it to the end. Alternatively, to give your exercise a romantic twist, why not join a dance class together to learn something completely new, with the added bonus of your classes becoming a regular date night if you love it.

Don't forget to replenish with some luxurious Valentine's chocolate once your workout is finished - you've earned it.


Watch the sunrise or sunset

This is another super-romantic idea that can be as budget-friendly as you need it to be. Watching the sunrise or sunset and enjoying the peace and quiet makes for a wonderful escape from daily life. It can be as simple as heading to the garden or local park, putting down a blanket and admiring the amazing colours as the sky changes, or you can find a spot further afield and plan to get there at just the right time. Pack a flask of hot chocolate to keep you toasty if the temperature drops.

You could even travel to somewhere with incredible views and make it a mini-break; it's really just about taking the time out together and appreciating the beauty in nature.

Celebrate with friends

Who said Valentine's Day is only about romance? The love we share with our friends is often just as important to us, so it makes for a fun and less intense Valentine's Day to make it an occasion for the whole group. Gather everyone together, couples and singles included, and host a game night (maybe with a tenuous Valentine's theme).

Or, if you can fight your way through all the covers for two, enjoy a meal at a restaurant together.

Consider their love language

If you're stuck for ideas of romantic things to do for your partner this Valentine's Day, you may find inspiration in the theory of love languages. The Five Love Languages is a theory taken from Gary Chapman's 1980s book. Chapman suggests that there are five basic ways, or 'languages', to show love to a partner and that everyone has a favourite that makes them feel the most loved.

The theory's love languages are:

  • Words of affirmation
  • Acts of service
  • Gifts
  • Quality time
  • Physical touch

But you don't have to refer to the actual book, or any modern versions, to feel inspired. Think about how your partner likes to receive love. Do they appreciate it when you cook for them? Perhaps they love nothing more than curling up on the sofa with you and watching a film.

Taking note of your loved one's preferred gestures of affection means you can personalise your alternative Valentine's Day date and surprise them. For some ideas to get you started, read our 21 ways to surprise your partner on Valentine's Day.

Borrow a dog!

If you and your partner love playing with dogs you meet out and about, or have always wanted a four-legged friend but aren't ready to commit yet, a "dog borrowing" service could provide the perfect Valentine's idea. It's easy to sign up for most services. And as someone looking to borrow, the fees tend to be cheaper than dog owners looking to find walkers or dog sitters. Most services typically offer annual membership, too, so there's no need for your dog-borrowing date to be a one-off!


Simply be together

It's all too easy to get caught up in the busy nature of everyday life, especially if there are children on the scene. So, sometimes celebrating a romantic occasion can be as simple as making a conscious effort to spend quality time together. It can be as simple as doing one of your shared hobbies or revisiting something you used to do together.

Just carving out time for the two of you can often mean more than anything elaborate.

Don't forget an irresistible Valentine's chocolate gift

Whether you go traditional, shake things up or choose to shun Valentine's Day completely, sharing a tempting chocolate gift with your loved one is always a good idea. Browse our delicious selection of handpicked Valentine's Day gifts to find the perfect treat for the one you love.

From petite tokens of affection to generous Valentine's hampers, our romantic gift collection is the ideal way to show your partner just how much you care.