Intrusion Inc.

03/19/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 03/19/2021 09:30

INTRUSION CEO Jack Blount featured on PBS’s In Depth Series with host Laurence Fishburne

'In Depth Series with host Laurence Fishburne' promotes a tradition of purely educational, unbiased television programming across the industrial spectrum. Uniquely featuring a production and development team with over one hundred years of combined experience, the program covers stories of innovation, personal achievement, and progress. Laurence Fishburne hosts the award-winning series.

Recently the Series featured INTRUSION CEO Jack Blount who discussed the cybersecurity landscape and how new innovations based on Artificial Intelligence are needed to effectively combat the well-funded and well-organized adversaries currently attacking our businesses and government agencies around the world.

To view this gripping episode, click here to visit the segment library. Scroll down to the business section and click on 'Threat Detection.'