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ICYMI: Matt Hall’s Past Continues to Haunt Him, Slammed in New Op-Ed Over Ability to Lead

Michigan student highlights Hall's violent past and his nay votes on domestic violence gun legislation to underscore concerns that he is not fit to serve Michiganders

LANSING - In case you missed it, yesterday, MAGA Matt Hall was once again blasted for his past and ability to lead, this time in an op-ed by the president of the Michigan State University chapter of the National Organization for Women's Campus Action Network. In her op-ed, Raegan Wellman explains how, from her perspective as a young Michigander closely following her state legislature, she simply does not trust Hall and his ability to make impartial decisions around critical and sensitive legislation concerning domestic violence and assault. As we already saw in this past legislative session, MAGA Matt voted against groundbreaking and common sense legislation championed by Dems to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers and make Michiganders safer.

With his history of threatening behavior coupled with his radical votes to continue to allow domestic abusers access to guns, Raegan Wellman says it begs the question of whether MAGA Matt Hall should be allowed to represent Michiganders at all. With 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men experiencing abuse in their lifetime, how can someone who has threatened violence deserve to sit in the Michigan Legislature?

See our breakdown of the piece and what other Michigan voices are saying on social media below:

Finally, read more from Wellman's criticism of MAGA Matt Hall here:

The Michigan Independent: Opinion: Michigan Rep. Matt Hall's abusive past behavior should concern us all

  • That's why it was particularly troubling to learn of Republican Michigan state Rep. Matt Hall's threats during his college days to shoot someone who befriended his former girlfriend…Someone who has exhibited this kind of abusive behavior has no place in our highest levels of government…
  • Hall emailed a friend of his then-girlfriend that he had "a bullet … with your name on it," adding, "the South will rise again" - a longtime slogan of the Ku Klux Klan that was more recently chanted by white nationalists rallying in Charlottesville, Virginia…
  • My generation is examining the actions of leaders from across industries, and we are demanding better… Threatening someone with a gun over a romantic matter does not give us faith that they understand the realities of domestic abuse in this state.