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Supplemental Prospectus - Form 424B3

Listing Report: Supplement No. 202 dated May 26, 2023 to Prospectus dated Jan 24, 2023
File pursuant to Rule 424(b)(3)
Registration Statement Nos. 333-257739 and 333-257739-01
Prosper Funding LLC
Borrower Payment Dependent Notes

Prosper Marketplace, Inc.
PMI Management Rights
This Listing Report supplements the prospectus dated Jan 24, 2023 and provides information about each loan request (referred to as a "listing") and series of Borrower Payment Dependent Notes (the "Notes") Prosper Funding LLC is currently offering. Prospective investors should read this Listing Report supplement together with the prospectus dated Jan 24, 2023 to understand the terms and conditions of the Notes and how they are offered, as well as the risks of investing in Notes. As described in the prospectus dated Jan 24, 2023, each Note will come attached with a PMI Management Right issued by Prosper Marketplace, Inc.
The following series of Notes are currently being offered:
Borrower Payment Dependent Notes Series 13299726
The following information pertains to the borrower loan being requested, that corresponds to the series of Notes to be issued upon the funding of the borrower loan, in the event the listing receives commitments to purchase Notes in an amount that equals or exceeds the minimum amount required for the loan to fund.
Amount: $4,500.00 Prosper Rating: HR Listing Duration: 14 days
Minimum Amount to Fund: $3,150 Term: 36 months Initial Status: F
Investor yield: 30.30% Borrower rate/APR: 31.30% / 35.36% Monthly payment: $194.25
Investor servicing fee: 1.00% Historical Return*: 3.79% - 15.69%
* Historical Return Range for Single or Multiple Prosper Ratings (e.g., Loan Listing, Auto Invest) Represents the Historical Return Range for the Prosper Rating or mix of Prosper Ratings (as applicable) as of April 30, 2023. Historical Returns are based on actual payments (other than principal) received by the investor net of fees and losses (including from charged-off loans). To be included in the historical return ("Historical Return") calculation, the loan must have originated (a) on or after July 1, 2009, and (b) at least 12 months prior to the calculation date. We calculate the Historical Return for loans originated through Prosper as follows. First, loans are separated into distinct "Groups" based on the specific month and year in which they were originated and their Prosper Rating or mix of Prosper Ratings (as applicable) at origination. For each Group, we calculate: (a) the sum of the interest paid, plus late fees, minus servicing fees, minus collection fees, in each case on active loans, plus net recoveries on charged-off or defaulted loans, plus net debt sale proceeds on sold loans, minus gross principal losses; divided by (b) the sum of the principal balances outstanding on active loans at the end of each day since origination. We then annualize the result to get the "Historical Return" for the Group. Once this calculation is performed for every Group, we compute the 10th and 90th cumulative-outstanding-principal-dollar-weighted percentiles of the Historical Returns of the Groups within each Prosper Rating or mix of Prosper Ratings (as applicable) to get the "Historical Return Range" of the relevant Prosper Rating or mix of Prosper Ratings. For purposes of this calculation, "active" means loans that are current in payments or delinquent less than 120 days; loans that have paid off, charged-off or are in default are not considered active. The Historical Return calculation (a) is updated monthly; and (b) excludes the impact of servicing related non-cash corrective adjustments that may modify the outstanding balance or status of a borrower loan. The actual return on any Note depends on the prepayment and delinquency pattern of the loan underlying each Note, which is highly uncertain. Individual results may vary. Historical performance is no guarantee of future results and the information presented is not intended to be investment advice or a guarantee about the performance of any Note.
Borrower's Credit Profile
Prosper score (1-11): 3 First credit line: Sep-2007 Debt/Income ratio: 39%
TU FICO range: 660-679 (May-2023) Inquiries last 6m: 2 Employment status: Employed
Current delinquencies: 0 Current / open credit lines: 15 / 15 Length of status: 0y 8m
Amount delinquent: $0 Total credit lines: 46 Occupation: Nurse (RN)
Public records last 24m/10y: Not available / 0 Revolving credit balance: $10,725 Stated income: $75,000-99,999
Delinquencies in last 7y: 0 Bankcard utilization: 68%
Has Mortgage: No Borrower's state: Georgia
Credit information was obtained from borrower's credit report and displayed without having been verified. Employment and income was provided by borrower and displayed without having been verified.

"Not available" indicates the information could not be obtained by the credit bureau.
Debt Consolidation
Information in the Description is not verified.