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04/13/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 04/13/2021 06:49

Apoio à Economia Nacional - IVAUCHER

In view of the economic constraints caused by the pandemic COVID-19 in the accommodation, culture and catering sectors, the Government created the Program - IVAucher (article 405 of OGE 2021).

Get to know this program in detail!

What is IVAucher?

It is a temporary program to support and stimulate consumption in sectors strongly affected by the pandemic of the disease COVID -19, which consists of a mechanism that allows the final consumer to accumulate the amount corresponding to the total VAT incurred in consumption in the sectors of accommodation, culture and restaurants, during a quarter, and use that value during the following quarter, in consumption in those same sectors.

How to benefit from IVAucher?

To benefit from this mechanism, consumers must:

I. express your consent in advance. This consent must be free, specific, informed and explicit regarding the processing and communication of necessary data in order to respect the legislation on the protection of personal data. Adherence to this program is not mandatory.

II. Provide the tax identification number and pay with a bank card.

When do you use the benefit?

The use of the accumulated VAT charged is made by immediate discount on consumption and operates through interbank clearing through an entity responsible for the processing of electronic payments through bank card transactions.

Additional Information

· The value of VAT calculated and reimbursed by the IVAucher Program does not compete for deductions from the collection of the E-invoice benefit (deduction related to general family expenses and due to the invoice requirement).· The Government will approve the specific regulation for the referred Program to come into force.

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