U.S. Department of Justice

10/20/2021 | News release | Archived content

Red Mass

On October 20, Acting United States Attorney Tracy Wilkison attended the 39th Annual "Red Mass" at Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral. Organized by the Los Angeles chapter of the St. Thomas More Society, the Red Mass is an ecumenical, civic celebration that honors judges, lawyers, legislators, and legal professionals and is typically celebrated around the start of the legal year in many Catholic dioceses. The liturgy was presided over by Los Angeles Archbishop José H. Gomez. The Acting U.S. Attorney was joined at the event by Pete Peterson, dean of the Pepperdine School of Public Policy and LAPD Assistant Chief Office of Operations, Beatrice Girmala, as well as several representatives of other faiths including Islam, the Church of Latter-Day Saints, and various Protestant denominations.