Yerevan Municipality

08/05/2021 | News release | Distributed by Public on 08/06/2021 02:43

8 buildings in Davtashen already make use of solar energy


Within the frames of 'EU4Yerevan Solar Energy' the elevators of blocks of flats, external lighting systems of yard areas as well as sensor lamps at staircases get their energy supply from solar photovoltaic stations. Green clean energy will enter 90 buildings of the capital.

'The first stage included 42 buildings and in 32 of them the systems have already been installed, in other 8 buildings the systems are already working. Constructions activities are going on in 10 buildings', said Deputy Mayor Sergey Nersesyan.
The budget of the program is 1 million 250 thousand euro one million of which is a grant disbursed by the European Union. Residents get the system free of charge. Besides, as a result of the program implementation the fees to be paid for using elevators will reduce by 50%.

The head of development and investment infrastructure programs of the Municipality Narine Abelyan informed that bank accounts had been opened for each building and the money received from residents and the income emerged from the energy sold to 'Electric network of Armenia' CJSC will be accumulated there. That amount will be directed to the maintenance of the donated systems and to the implementation of energy saving activities in the buildings in accordance with residents' decision.
The buildings were chosen in all administrative districts of Yerevan except for Nork Marash district as there are no old flocks of flats. While making the choice technical standards and social component were taken into account.
'The needy families living in the chosen blocks of flats will get energy saving lamps (1750 lamps) so as they could reduce the energy costs in the flats. The implementation of the program will result in better conditions and less energy costs for about 25 920 residents', stressed Sergey Nersesyan.
After being installed the solar stations are granted to residents. Thus residents will have uninterrupted energy supply in common areas.
The program implemented with the support of the European Union, within the framework of 'Covenant of Mayors' is the first program in the capital which can become a model in the future.