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Scalise: Republicans Will Hold Biden, Mayorkas Accountable for Border Crisis

Scalise: Republicans Will Hold Biden, Mayorkas Accountable for Border Crisis

February 8, 2023

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-La.) joined Fox News Channel's America Reports to discuss House Republicans' investigation into Secretary Mayorkas and President Biden's self-inflicted border crisis. Leader Scalise called out Secretary Mayorkas for claiming the border is secure as fentanyl and human trafficking pour into the United States, contributing to the deaths of hundreds of young people. Leader Scalise also slammed the Biden Administration for failing to provide Border Patrol agents with the resources required to effectively manage the overflow of migrants. Additionally, Leader Scalise highlighted President Biden's dismal record in the White House that's crushing American families.


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On holding Secretary Mayorkas and President Biden accountable for their self-created border crisis:

"What we've been doing through the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee is really building the case, showing the country what happened, but also asking tough questions. There are a lot of questions that Secretary Mayorkas wouldn't answer when we were in the minority that now he's going to have to answer. And ultimately, get the facts out there, wherever they lead. That's ultimately what a good investigation does.

"There's going to be accountability. And I think accountability is the most important point, but first you've got to get the facts out. There's a lot of things this administration has said that haven't been backed up with facts. It's time to get the facts out.

"Obviously, we have pointed out how bad this open border is. It's a major crisis - not just the millions of people coming in, but the deaths. You saw the human trafficking. You just covered that in your report. We see deaths every day. Almost 200 young Americans are dying from drug overdoses from fentanyl because we've got an open border under [President] Biden's policies. He could fix it today. He won't. Secretary Mayorkas goes around saying the border is secure. It's not secure. But again, there are a lot of questions we have for him and for the people that work for him.

"We've been out to the border. We've been embedded with the Border Patrol agents. They will tell you what the problems are, and they're not getting the tools they need from Secretary Mayorkas or President Biden to effectively secure this country's southern border."

On the urgency of the investigation into Secretary Mayorkas and the border crisis:

"There has to be an urgency. That's why we're moving so quickly. We've only been in the majority a few weeks. And in fact, the committees just got appointed in the last two weeks and yet we're already having hearings. You've seen [Judiciary Committee Chairman] Jim Jordan's committee, [Chairman] Jamie Comer [with] the Oversight Committee, but the next step is accountability, Sandra, and that's very important. There should be no cap on how far it goes.

"The facts need to drive it. Get the facts out and then hold people accountable who have done these things, not just at the border. There's so many problems in our country, from so many different agencies, and we're going to be holding all of them accountable. People want answers. People are angry about what's happening in this country.

"Unlike what [President] Biden said last night, acting as if the state of the union is great, everything's fine - no, it's not. There are major problems. He's done harm to hardworking families through his actions and those of his Cabinet Secretaries, and it's time for action and accountability. And getting the facts out is the first step."

On if President Biden's potential run for president in 2024:

"What is the definition of remarkable that [former Speaker Nancy Pelosi] used multiple times? Is record inflation remarkable? Forty percent higher people are paying for gas. They can't even find baby formula. Food is double digits higher. The border's wide open. Crime is rampant in communities. That's not a remarkable record for anybody. This President has had a dismal record.

"It's why, by the way, a majority, vast majority of Democrats don't even want [President] Biden to run. Ultimately, he's got to make that decision. We've got to get the White House back. And so, the bottom line is getting a Republican in the White House who actually is willing to fight for those hardworking families who are struggling under the weight of [President] Biden and [former Speaker] Nancy Pelosi's socialist extreme agenda. It's crushed middle class families, lower income families - it's time we go back to work fighting for them. That's what we're doing in this House majority.