Washington County, NY

03/15/2024 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 03/15/2024 11:41

Deputies, 911 Dispatcher recognized for actions in viscous dog attack case

In a ceremony held today at the the County Building in Fort Edward Deputies Todd Riche, Alix Messina, and 911 dispatcher Lexyss Zovistoski, were recognized by Washington County Board of Supervisors Chairman Robert Henke for their courageous and life-saving actions in a intense incident dating back to January 17, 2004.

The incident unfolded at 8:08 am when Deputies Riche and Messina were dispatched to a residence on Lick Springs Road in the Town of Argyle following reports of a woman being viciously attacked by a large dog. Upon arrival, the deputies quickly formulated a plan to stop the attack and extract the victim to safety.

Armed with a ballistic shield and ultimately utilizing a taser, Riche and Messina executed a rescue operation, successfully subduing the dog and removing the victim to safety. Their swift and decisive actions undoubtedly prevented further harm to the victim however she was critically injured, lost a critical amount of blood and was in need of immediate emergency care.

Once the victim was out of immediate danger from the attack, Riche and Messina wasted no time in administering life-saving measures. Their quick thinking including the application of a tourniquet, proved instrumental in stabilizing the victim's condition. The two then were able to get the victim into a patrol car where she was then relayed to an awaiting paramedic crew from Argyle EMS. Sheriff Murphy emphasized the importance of teamwork and training in moments of crisis like this.

Today's ceremony, attended by members of the community and law enforcement officials and family, served as a reminder of the bravery and selflessness exhibited by first responders in the line of duty. The proclamation presented to Deputies Riche and Messina, along with dispatcher Zovistoski, honors their unwavering dedication to protecting and serving the residents of Washington County. Their actions exemplify the best of law enforcement and first responders including the members of Argyle EMS who took over to provide advanced emergency medical care. Combined, they all serve as an inspiration to their colleagues and the community at large.

Deputies Todd Riche and Alix Messina, alongside 911 dispatcher Lexyss Zovistoski, handled the situation with courage, compassion and teamwork. Although the victim in this incident is making positive strides in her recovery, all of us wish her the very best and hope she continues to heal and receives the ongoing support and care she deserves.