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04/18/2024 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 04/18/2024 01:09

Destruct as Creation! NYCU Graduate Institute of Architecture Redefines Building Practices with “Graffiti: Space Reading, Intervening and Contrasting” Exhibition

Translated by Chance Lai
The Graduate Institute of Architecture at National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU) hosts the "Graffiti: Space Reading, Intervening and Contrasting" 2024 NYCU GIA Project Review at the NYCU's Arts Center from March 28th to April 22nd. This exhibition aims to reinterpret the essence of architecture from graffiti's perspective, redefining architectural behavior. The exhibition is divided into discourse and experimental zones, presenting a reexamination and interpretation of the collective value of architecture.

"The urge to destroy is also a creative urge."

Curator-in-chief Jon Chan expressed that extensive research and investigation were conducted before curating this exhibition. It was discovered that while "graffiti" is often seen as a destructive act, it is also a form of creation. Moreover, the design creations from research institutes and academic units serve as a means of breaking through or readdressing the existing collective values within architecture.

This exhibition deconstructs "Architecture" into three components: Action, Medium, and Collective Value, utilizing the impact of "Graffiti." Through these components, it aims to reexamine the essence and value of architecture.

The exhibition is divided into two main areas: the discourse zone from the first to the second floor and the experimental zone on the second floor. The discourse zone comprises various design groups and the primary curation, presenting a plethora of architectural inquiries that precisely elucidate the considerations behind the curation, deconstructing both graffiti behavior and architecture. The experimental zone showcases projections and a more significant number of model works.

Professor Jen-Hwang Ho, the curatorial advisor at the Graduate Institute of Architecture, remarked that the architecture exhibition serves not only as a showcase for students and design groups but also as a platform for dialogue with the actual architectural world.

This exhibition has gathered 15 design works, exploring the value profiles of architecture from various perspectives. It invites attendees to engage in speculative discussions on architectural value with a scientific explanatory attitude, thus collectively exploring the boundless potential of architectural art.

The opening group photo of the exhibition will be on 3/28.