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SIUE Adds More Than a Dozen New Alternative Digital Credentials to Upskill Metro Area Workforce

SIUE Adds More Than a Dozen New Alternative Digital Credentials to Upskill Metro Area Workforce

February 11, 2024, 11:49 PM

For fall 2024, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville's Office of Online Services and Educational Outreach will add thirteen new alternative digital credentials to its offerings. Applicants can now choose from a wide array of credentials to best position themselves for optimal career success.

Carolyn Butts-Wilmsmeyer, PhD, director of SIUE's Center for Predictive Analytics (CPAN), in partnership with a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture, developed eleven digital credentials, making up two constellations in the field of data science. The two data science constellations include highly desirable skill sets, from credentials titled "Foundations of Data Science" to "Data Analysis in Python." Earners can enroll in these credentialing courses and rapidly gain skills in high-demand areas; specifically, they can learn Power BI, Machine Learning and Predictive Modeling in R, Inferential Statistics: Regression, ANOVA, and Forecasting, and much more.

"Data science is a growing need across all industrial sectors. Over the course of the next 10 years, it is anticipated that the number of data science jobs will grow by 35%," said Butts-Wilmsmeyer, "Our program provides the current and emerging workforce access to data science training that is grounded in industrial applications, supporting the economic growth of the St. Louis region in this workforce area."

Therese I. Poirier, Pharm.D., MPH, FASHP, FCCP, BCPS, and professor emerita, established a series of leadership credentials for the SIUE School of Pharmacy (SOP) program. Designed to help current pharmacy students develop their leadership skills, the digital credential Leadership Education and Advocacy for Pharmacy Students (LEAPS-Level 1) helps students to assess their individual leadership styles and develop personal leadership philosophies. Additionally, students evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, consider how best to collaborate, learn about diversity and inclusion best practices, and finally, reflect on conflict resolution.

Poirier explained, "We desire all of our students to become leaders in their professional environment and also in the community they serve. This program will help to further develop skills needed to achieve our goals for preparing our graduates to become leaders. The skills addressed are those delineated by our employers and requested by our students."

When it comes to career readiness skills, the SIUE Career Development Center (CDC) has pioneered its own digital credential: Career Readiness Competencies.Designed around the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE),CDC created "Competencies for a Career-Ready Workforce," a series of modules for SIUE graduates to possess not only the necessary subject matter expertise for their relevant disciplines, but also the necessary 21st century transferable skills, skills which are necessary for success in all workplaces. Students participate in ten carefully designed modules, including topics such as "Career and Self-Development," "Communication," "Critical Thinking," "Equity and Inclusion," "Leadership," "Professionalism," "Teamwork," and "Technology."

With the addition of these new digital credentials, SIUE continues its work "to close the skills gap" and support "the alignment of industry skills with traditional and nontraditional higher education programs."

For more information, contact the Office of Online Services and Educational Outreach at 618-650-3210, or email [email protected].

PHOTOS: Pharmacy students take part in LEAPS synchronous session on Jan. 25; Braydon Shirley, Nicole Zachwieja, SOP students and members of Phi Lambda Sigma (the pharmacy leadership society), who help to administer the LEAPS digital credential