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Nikol Pashinyan gives a speech at OSCE PA Autumn Meeting: We hope to make the South Caucasus a region that delivers good news to the world

Nikol Pashinyan gives a speech at OSCE PA Autumn Meeting: We hope to make the South Caucasus a region that delivers good news to the world

On November 18, the Autumn Meeting of the OSCE PA was held in Yerevan. The RA Prime Minister, welcomed the holding of the OSCE PA Autumn Meeting in the Republic of Armenia, and noted it takes place at an extremely difficult time, when the world order that has existed in recent decades is showing cracks, showing sure signs of erosion

Nikol Pashinyan mentioned that it is obvious that the world will not be the same after the crises in Afghanistan, Ukraine, Gaza, ethnic cleansing in Nagorno-Karabakh. No one doubts this anymore. But no one knows what the world will be like tomorrow.

"And especially for this reason, it is extremely important that in the time-consuming process of easing of current tensions, managing crises, discussing conflicts, we do not forget to plan the future, because if the future is not planned, crises and conflicts will not find an obstacle to unfold on their way. Yesterday we failed to build dams to prevent today's floods, therefore, no matter how hard it may be, we must try to build those dams today to manage the possible floods of tomorrow," The Prime Minister stated.

The Head of the Executive touched upon the Armenia-Azerbaijan peace process, talked about both good news and bad news here. Among the good news Nikol Pashinyan underlined the fact that the main principles of peace with Azerbaijan have been agreed upon. The Prime Minister gave details to the European delegates about the essence of those principles.

"As the President of the National Assembly mentioned, peace in our view is a state of affairs when all the countries of the region live with open borders, are connected by active economic, political, cultural ties, and have accumulated experience and tradition of solving all issues diplomatically and through dialogue. Achieving this is at least very difficult without having active road, rail, air communications." Nikol Pashinyan underlined and in this context gave details about the Crossroads of peace project.

The Prime Minister underscored on the bad news of the peace process with Azerbaijan the fact that we still speak in different diplomatic languages and very often d not understand each other. To his assessment, of course, there are also objective reasons for this.

Nikol Pashinyan referred to the policy implemented by Azerbaijan, noting: "It also seems extremely suspicious that under the highest patronage in Azerbaijan, and in fact, at the official level, the Republic of Armenia has started to be called "Western Azerbaijan." And this concept is taught in schools, universities, state media. This seems to us a preparation for a new war, a new military aggression against Armenia, and is one of the main obstacles to the progress of the peace process."

The Prime Minister reaffirmed that the Republic of Armenia is dedicated to the peace agenda, the peace process, and in my latest speech at the National Assembly of Armenia, I announced that I intend to intensify diplomatic efforts on our part to achieve the signing of a peace treaty with Azerbaijan. Then reference was made to the dialogue with Turkey. In this context the Head of the Executive noted that the normalization of Armenia's relations with Turkey is an important factor for the strategic vision of a peaceful, developing and safe environment in our region, the South Caucasus.

"We hope to make the South Caucasus a region that delivers good news to the world, and the Republic of Armenia and myself are personally ready to bear our share of responsibility for achieving this goal," the RA Prime Minister concluded his speech.