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3 Compelling Reasons to Upgrade to JD Edwards Release 23 Right Now

Today, ERP technology is evolving and changing faster than ever before.

While this typically means a continual flow of enhanced features and capabilities for businesses, it comes with a downside-oftentimes, these changes are introduced faster than an organization's ability to adopt and implement them.

Here's why: Traditional software development cycles rely on massive updates that force companies to make many changes to their customized features. Because of this, many companies delay making upgrades, fearing the cost and time associated with them. It's no surprise, then, to learn that 87% of companies are still running on outdated ERP software-and they're delaying their path to digital transformation as a result.

This is one of the many reasons why Oracle JD Edwards (JDE) has redefined the way platform upgrades are done by launching EnterpriseOne 9.2 and the Continuous Delivery model-an approach that creates software updates in short cycles, not large, massive releases. This means that JDE is continually enhancing the 9.2 code line, so once you get to 9.2, you have ongoing access to new features, enhancements and innovation-without lengthy and disruptive upgrades.

Today, JDE continues to build on its commitment to modern, next-gen ERP capabilities-putting the promise of digital transformation well within reach for the 86% of JDE customers that have already adopted the EnterpriseOne 9.2 model.

And now, JDE is further enhancing EnterpriseOne 9.2 with the recent announcement of Release 23-an upgrade that introduces game-changing functionality and capabilities to help businesses tap into the full power of the Continuous Delivery model, maximize their JDE investment and drive true competitive differentiation.

In this blog post, we break down what's new in JDE Release 23-and why this update will play a critical role in any business's digital transformation journey by making it easier than ever to automate, optimize and reinvent business-critical processes.

1. Drive Transformation with an Enhanced Digital Core

Release 23 makes it easier than ever to automate and streamline core business processes and operations. This helps your team do more with less, so they can refocus their efforts on driving more innovation, product releases and so much more

Here's how an upgrade to JDE Release 23 is empowering businesses to tap into the benefits of digital transformation, enable the automation of company processes and expand the horizon of what they can measure, monitor and build on.

Orchestrator:In a recent survey of JDE users, businesses noted that implementing and expanding orchestrations is a top priority for 2023. Here's why: Orchestrator can transform the EnterpriseOne system from a transaction-based system into one that provides a dynamic mirror of real-time business operations.

With the Orchestrator tool, users can transform how their EnterpriseOne system operates, making their business processes more streamlined and efficient. Today, Orchestrator offers the capabilities your team needs to make the collection and filtering of real-time data more efficient. It also automates your orchestrations to run continually on schedule without human intervention and helps to eliminate error-prone manual processes that often lead to unnecessary costs.

With Release 23, Orchestrator has been improved to enable the safe connection of company data in EnterpriseOne with external systems, like cloud platforms, display tools or mobile applications. Most notably, there's a new function, "call orchestrations from workflows," which empowers users to leverage the power of orchestrations in workflow processes. These updates ultimately further enhance the tool's real-time data analysis and improve business process automation.

Logic Extensions: With Release 23, JDE has also introduced advanced functionality of Logic Extensions, giving customers the ability to add, customize and modify logics without any programming skills, thanks to a new no-code/low-code tool. With this feature, you can leverage EnterpriseOne analytics to aggregate data within logic extensions. This makes it possible to automate functions such as averaging, adding, and subtracting data, as well as perform data analysis without programming skills while using logic extensions.

2. Increase Productivity with Reimagined Application Features

With Release 23 comes a simplified, enhanced and more customized application experience. With a particular focus on Procurement, Manufacturing, Order Management, Human Capital Management (HCM) and Finance applications, Release 23 introduces enhanced feature functionality and a reimagined user experience to make it easier to facilitate, manage, and automate business-critical tasks. This includes:

Procurement: Application enhancements will help you streamline your procurement by automating essential steps-like vendor invoices-and ensure higher-quality data across your business. You can also automate how information is exchanged between purchase order receipts and your third-party inventory interface.

Manufacturing: Streamlined manufacturing support features provide the ability to automate steps in your work orders, saving you time and reducing the risk of human error.

Order Management: Automatically recalculate rebates using the exchange rate of the original sales order and filter your data in real-time to make critical decisions instantly.

HCM: Quickly and easily identify open positions-and whether or not you have any active applicants.

Finance: Using the Address Book Map feature in Release 23, you can do multiple searches simultaneously and then locate your results on a map. This gives you the data you need-in the context of a map-pertaining to suppliers, customers and employees while also providing more insights.

3. Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership

With Release 23 system enhancements, businesses can increase efficiencies and lower costs by tapping into more modern infrastructure, improved performance of workloads with Oracle database, centralized configuration for HTML servers, predictive patching and so much more.

For example, the new enhanced Update Manager can now apply updates via the JDE web client, increasing flexibility for system administrators and trimming the overall patch lifecycle time to production. And the new Centralized Configurations for EnterpriseOne HTML Services feature allows you to manage the configuration settings of your HTML services from a single location without the need to navigate across multiple server instances. Lastly, a new Password Reset Self-Service tool empowers your users to reset their password without the assistance of a system administrator or help desk, freeing up your administrative team to focus on strategic projects.

Maximize Your Investment with an Upgrade to JDE Release 23

Release 23 is a big step forward for JDE's Continuous Delivery model-giving businesses the tools and resources needed to automate processes, boost productivity and drive growth. The launch of Release 23 brings critical updates to the JDE 9.2 system, making it an important piece in the digital transformation puzzle as businesses continue to search for new and innovative ways to drive competitive differentiation. And upgrading to Release 23 now will empower your business to easily take advantage of incremental upgrades and enhancements in the future.

As an Oracle Principal Partner, Navisite offers end-to-end application management and support-from implementation, maintenance and upgrades to cloud migration and more-backed by a team of experts averaging more than two decades of experience working with both JDE solutions: World and EnterpriseOne. We take on the burden of ongoing application management, so you can refocus your team on strategic business initiatives that leverage the power of JDE. By partnering with us, our team can help you make your next big move to Release 23-while offering ongoing optimization and management to prepare your business for whatever's next.

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