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SkiStar is closing off the historic winter season with 150 days of skiing: Safety and security continued focus for summer

Press release - 7 May 2021 14:11

SkiStar is closing off the historic winter season with 150 days of skiing: Safety and security continued focus for summer

On 2 May, the last two of SkiStar's destinations, Åre in Sweden and Hemsedal in Norway, closed for the winter season, a season which was historic in many ways as the company succeeded in staying open all winter, offering a total of 150 days of skiing. The focus has been on the safety and security of all guests, employees and residents of the ski resorts, along with good snow conditions and good service for all guests.

- Thanks to the hard work of all our employees and all the precautions we have put in place in close dialogue with both the care providers, the region, the hospitality industry and the whole skiing industry, we have managed to stay open throughout the winter season. We are leaving an historic winter season behind us, as SkiStar is one of the few companies in the skiing industry in Europe to have been open throughout the period during the ongoing corona pandemic. We've missed our international guests, but now we're preparing for the summer and next winter with a continuing focus on safety and security and a number of new developments for our guests, says Stefan Sjöstrand, CEO of SkiStar.

Thanks to a close dialogue and close cooperation with all local, regional and national actors, SkiStar was well prepared and put in place several precautions ahead of the winter season. At the same time, SkiStar launched several digital innovations to reduce crowds indoors and to limit outdoor congestion. Out in the skiing areas, the golden rule has been to maintain a pole-length distance and according to SkiStar guest surveys, an entire 86% of all guests feel confident with the precautions taken on site, while at the same time 95% stated that they have also followed the recommendations. Both the Swedish and Norwegian authorities have praised SkiStar for its work in keeping the spread of COVID-19 down. In addition, spending time outdoors in the fresh air and alpine skiing have not contributed to an increased spread of the infection according to the contagion physicians.

Major investment in summer 2021 with SkiStar Sports & Adventures

SkiStar Sports & Adventures offers a basic range of activities, including a padel lesson or a run through the mountains, where guests can then continue with an adventure on the high-rope park or play on the pump track to finish off with a bike ride. It goes without saying that Valle will also be involved in the summer opening with a focus on learning and the joy of exercise in the great outdoors at Valle Kids Club or Teen Camp Bike for youngsters who want to try out cycling in all its forms. When the activities have ended, those who want to relax with a little massage or a dip in the pool can then sleep well at SkiStar's premium lodging, SkiStar Lodge or in their own cabins.

- The importance of fresh air, dazzling mountain views and health-promoting activities with the family on holiday may never have been so great now or in the future. As the leading holiday tour operator for Scandinavia, we are therefore particularly delighted that the interest in enjoying the memorable mountain experiences we offer, summer and winter, continues Stefan Sjöstrand.

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News for winter 2021/22 with SkiStar Lodge Hundfjället in Sälen and investment in Scandinavian Mountains Airport

- There is already a great interest in the winter from international guests from the UK, Denmark and Germany at SkiStar destinations. Alpine skiing in the Scandinavian mountains attracts many visitors thanks to the long winter season and the guaranteed snowy winter. In addition, we will inaugurate SkiStar Lodge Hundfjället, which will be a brand new lodge in Sälenfjällen with the best ski-in,ski-out location and also relaunch flights to Scandinavian Mountains Airport, concludes Stefan Sjöstrand.

The development of SkiStar Sälen into an international alpine resort is in full swing, with state-of-the-art lodging SkiStar Lodge Hundfjället and Pontus Frithiof's and Nordrest's two fantastic restaurants, Scandinavia's most modern 8-seater express lift, new slopes and extended snow-making facilities, as well as the proximity to the Sälen-Trysil airport, known as Scandinavian Mountains Airport. SkiStar Lodge Hundfjället will consist, among other things, of 153 rooms, 786 beds, conference facilities, a spa, gym, SkiStarShop and several restaurants.

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